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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Review: Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Dear Maggie,
I want to thank you for two things, maybe three.

First, thanks to Raven Boys I got my reading mojo back! It has been a long summer of listless reading and these doldrums were starting to cut into my esteem as a reader. When I popped the Raven Boys audiobook into the CD player in my car, wham-o everything changed. I felt my strength returning with each new disk. I couldn't consume the book fast enough to just listen to it and had to start reading the actual book in between car trips. This week-end I have already completed three books. That is near the total of books read the whole month of September. Like I said, my reading mojo is back and it is thanks to you. BTW-I hope you give Will Patton, the voice actor for Raven Boys, a shout-out from me. He was spot-on perfect.

Secondly, I want to once again thank you for creating such a thrilling, fascinating, and unique book. You might not remember me but I am the person that wrote you the love letter after I finished Scorpio Races. (See my love letter here.) I am still a huge fan of that book and as a teen librarian I am in the unique position to talk it up every day, and I do! Raven Boys is quite a different story yet it has a lot of the same magical realism that I enjoyed with Scorpio Races. Once again you tickled my interest by inserting a character from local myths, this time about the Welsh hero and sleeping king, Owain Glynd┼Ár. You also introduced the concept of ley lines, causing me to run to the Internet to learn more. Below is a picture of the Seattle ley lines map. Until I read Raven Boys I didn't even know a thing about these supernatural high energy lines. Thanks for the fun of researching a new topic.
I can't really make heads or tails of this map but I did notice that there is a huge energy field right off the Washington State coast so maybe Glendower is here!

Lastly I stand in awe of your talent as a writer, an artist, and a musician. Once again I am blown away by your book trailer because it is all from you.  The song you titled "Henrietta" is perfect! Thank you for sharing your multifaceted talents with the whole YA world. I just found your interview on NPR. Loved it. 

Just wanted you to know that I still love you,

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  1. Ok, you have convinced me, Anne!! I have both The Scorpio Races and Raven Boys sitting right here in my kids/teen review basket (which is, of course, piled high and about to topple), and I still haven't gotten to them. I absolutely LOVED Shiver, so you would think that would have been motivation enough, but somehow, they have been pushed aside. I promise I will get to them both before the end of the year!

    And so glad you got your reading mojo back!!

    Enjoy Sunday with your family -



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