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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Benefits of Blogging

Hosted by The Broke and Bookish
This week the Top Ten Tuesday explores the benefits of blogging. 

1.  Recommendations from me:  I started my blog as a way to communicate my book recommendations to the students at my school.  The web address for my blog is linked to my library home page and occasionally students will tell me that they selected a book that I reviewed on my blog.

2.  Recommendations from others:  I have made reading selections based on others' reviews on their blogs.  I have also shared with students excitement over books on the blogosphere if I haven't read them yet.

3.  Connection with other book lovers around the world.

4.  Critical thinking: As I read a book I am always thinking critically about how I will review the book and what else I need to know to enhance my review.  I earned a Science degree, so I have never taken an English Lit class in college. I am honing this skill.

5.  New friends: Mainly by making comments and responding to comments I feel a deep friendship developing with some other book bloggers.  When I first started out I asked my circle of friends and family to visit my blog.  Many visited once or not at all.  (My sister even had my blog blocked at her house!) I was crushed.  It was a blogging friend that helped me through this and invited me into a world of new friendships.

6.  Deepening commitment to bookish issues: book banning/censorship; reading the printed word; funding for libraries; death of bookstores.

7.  Organization: I've always kept book lists and annotated those lists, but now I feel more organized about those lists.

8.  Enjoyment:  I honestly adore blogging about books and bookish things.

*Note:  Please vote on my Sarah Dessen Poll. (Top, right hand side of home page.) I have never read any books by her and I want your advice as to the first of her books I should try.  Thanks.


  1. I agree with everything on your list. It certainlly has deepened my commitment to book related issues.

  2. 5 is a biggie for me too. I have a few family and friends that comment on my blog, but it's mostly those in the book blogging community or other bloggers I interact with that follow and comment on my blog. It's great to meet new people who share the same passion. :)

  3. I find that I think more critically as well, and really think about what I put in my reviews more than when I first started.

    Good luck on your Sarah Dessen venture. I love her books.

  4. Love your list and feel the same way too! My daughter did start a book blog too, but none of my other family visits or friends.

    I love making recommendations and having someone LOVE the book. and I can not recall every getting a bad librarian recommendation! Your kids are lucky to have the resource!!

  5. Nice list! I hadn't thought of your number 6 but you're very right! Book blogging has definitely helped keep me in the loop with a lot of these bookish developments.


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