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Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Monday and I'm reading...

Book Journey
It's Monday and I'm here to confess that I am barely reading anything right now.  As a high school librarian my job is principally about textbooks right now: checking in, fining, repairing, cleaning, and putting away textbooks. Today, on the average, we had five classes per period of high school students tromping through the library with their big, heavy, and sometimes scuffed-up books.  Ugh.  Exhausting work.  And a job that makes everyone grumpy.  Anyway, there's my excuse for barely reading anything this week.  But here's what I've been peeking at occasionally:

What I'm reading...
Beneath the Marble Sky by John Shors
I seriously have only read around ten pages of this one so I have no idea if this book is going to be good one.  It is about the emperor who built the Taj Mahal in tribute to his wife who died tragically.

What I'm listening to...
Border Songs by Jim Lynch
Set in Washington State on the Canadian Border this is by the author of Highest Tide, a book I really liked.  I haven't listened to enough of it to know if I'll like this one.

What I recently finished...
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
Super-duper interesting non-fiction book about the woman (and her family) who inadvertently donated the cells (HELA) which have been used in all kinds of medical research.  If you have a tiny bit of interest in medical things, read this book!


  1. I'm struggling along with Mr. DeZoet; it is a hard read and I'm not crazy about it. I might have to sneak into the Robert B. Parker Spenser book I just got. (his last book ever!)

  2. I thought the Henrietta Lacks book was very interesting, not just the medical stuff, but her family's life in poverty as well

  3. I have heard a million great things about The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I think I'm finally gonna put it on my TBR. It just sounds way too interesting to let it slide by!

  4. I loved Henrietta Lacks too - one of my favourite reads this year!


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