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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sunday Salon -- Happy New Year Edition

Ain't this the truth? Everything is new and the year stretches out in front of us. And then ...

Don, Anne, Kathy, Tom. New Year's Eve with the Eugene Syphony

New Year's Eve is Eugene: My sister scored some free tickets at the Holt Center for a Eugene Symphony concert with guest vocalist Peter Hollens. Afterwards drink and dancing in the lobby. Fun. Fun. Fun. Thank you to Kathy for inviting us for some fun as we welcomed in 2023 together.  Earlier in the day we spent a few hours at the Eugene Children's Museum with our daughter and her family. What a treasure. The kids had so much fun especially with the machines which ran on gears and wheels they could control. 
New Year's Eve party at the Holt Center in Eugene, Oregon with Rita and Dan.

Visit with long-time friend: On our drive home the next day, we stopped off for a nice long visit with a dear friend who was visiting her mother for the holidays. R. and her husband live abroad. We don't get to see her very often so it was nice to have long, unhurried visit. Visiting with R.'s mom was a bonus, too. Growing up together our parents played a big role in each other's lives. The fact that we both have living mothers is such a blessing.

Ian and Jamie at Children's Museum in Eugene

Turning the page: Every year as the previous year ends and the new year begins I busy myself with looking back and looking forward concerning books, reading goals, and lists of favorites. I'm still not finished making all my "favorites" lists but here is what I've posted about so far:

Tomorrow: We take down Christmas. Sigh. I love the way the house sparkles when the decorations go up and always miss it when I take it down.

Just in case you aren't sick of Christmas tree photos I thought I'd share this one of our grand-kitties: Skimbleshanks and Sasha. Photo credit: Rita Adams.

HAPPY 2023!


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