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Monday, December 12, 2022

TTT: My Winter Reading List (and How I Did on My Autumn Reading List)

Top Ten Tuesday: My Winter Reading List. Below the line, how I did on my autumn reading list.

Winter reading list:

Book Club Selections:

  1. Cross Purposes by Welsh (January, Group #1)
  2. Demon Copperhead by Kingsolver (January, Group #2)
  3. Citizen Vince by Walter (February, Group #1)
  4. The Marriage Portrait by O'Farrell (February, Group #2)
  5. So Lucky by Griffith (March, Group #1)
  6. The Dictionary of Lost Words by Williams (March, Group #2)

Challenge Books:

  1. Classics Club Spin Book TBA
  2. A Past Pulitzer Prize winner from list
  3. Printz Award winner or honor book, announced Jan. 27th

Books I've already started, recently acquired, and/or have on-hold at the library:

  1. A Thousand Steps Into Night by Chee
  2. The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Lefteri
  3. Lawless Spaces by Haydu
  4. When I Found You by Hyde
  5. All My Rage by Tabir
  6. A Book of Delights: Essays by Gay
  7. These Precious Days: Essays by Patchett
  8. Creature by Tan
  9. Heartstopper, 4 by Oseman

Update: How I did on my autumn reading list.
Highlighted yellow: completed. 
Highlighted aqua: in progress or 
Highlighted green: completed but read note.  
No color: did not read.

Book Club Selections:

  1. Searching for Sylvie Lee by Kwok (October, Group#1)
  2. The Radium Girls by Moore (November, Group#1)
  3. The Soul of An Octopus by Montgomery (December, Group#1)
  4. Take My Hand by Perkins-Valdez (October, Group#2)
  5. Lessons in Chemistry (Nov/Dec, Group#2)

Challenge Books:

  1. As I Lay Dying by Faulkner (Classics Club Spin #31)
  2. Two TBA in November (2022 National Book Award winners or finalists Challenge) Read one: Seven Empty Houses; Currently reading another: All My Rage.

Books I've already started, recently acquired,  and/or have on-hold at the library:

  1. One Hundred Days of Lenni and Margory by Cronin
  2. Dictionary for a Better World by Latham
  3. A Swim in a Pond by Saunders
  4. Poetry RX by Rosenthal
  5. Remarkably Bright Creatures by Van Pelt
  6. The Cartographers by Shepherd
  7. Cross Purposes by Welch
  8. When I Found You by Hyde
  9. A Library by Nikki Giovanni
  10. Emily Dickinson Poems by Dickinson
  11. I'm Nobody! Who are You? Poems by Emily Dickinson

In addition: I read 59 books as a Round 1 Cybils Book Award Judge, Poetry Division. Whew! I've been busy.

Pretty tricky, huh? I make a list of books I am pretty sure I will read since I already have them checked out or on hold at the library and then, surprise, surprise, I finished most of them! 😏


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