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Monday, August 9, 2021

TTT: Secondary characters in literature who deserve a novel of their own

Top Ten Tuesday: Secondary or tertiary characters who deserve a novel of their own

1. Huckleberry Finn
Sidekick to Tom Sawyer. Oh wait, he did get a novel of his own and then surpassed Tom in fame. Thanks Mark Twain!

2. Kitty Bennet
The fourth sister of the famous Bennet family of Pride and Prejudice. Jane was the lovely sister while Elizabeth was the smartest. Mary was the grouch of the family and Lydia was completely wild and out of control. But what about Kitty?

3. Éponine from Les Misérables
She loved Marius and was willing to die for him and for his cause. Yet he loved another woman. She definitely deserves more love from readers by having her own novel and letting us know her story. Too bad Victor Hugo is no longer around to write it.

4. Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series
We learned just enough about this quirky character to know that she deserves a lot more attention and I'm very curious about her back-story.

5. Inigo Montoya 
The sword-fighting anti-hero of The Princess Bride does have a significant back story presented in the actual novel (not the movie) which could easily be pulled out and made into a novel just about him.

6. Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings Triology
This hobbit is more of a hero than Frodo and deserves to move into the spotlight for all his heroism.

7. Gonzo, aka Paul Ignacio Gonzales
He is a vertically challenged, hypochondriac Latino boy who agree to go with Cam on a hero's journey in Going Bovine by Libba Bray. The trip is hilarious and wouldn't have been possible without Gonzo! 

8. Dr. Watson
As Sherlock Holmes' ever-faithful sidekick we just don't know enough about the man. Time to change that fact.

9. Henry and Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park
I've always wondered at the back-story of these two siblings who serve as the antagonists of Jane Austen's lesser known novel, Mansfield Park. There are little snippets about their past that come out but not enough to satisfy my curiosity.

10. Piglet
The sweetest little friend of Winne-the-Pooh.



  1. I love this list, especially Piglet, Luna, and Inigo Montoyo!

  2. I never liked Luna and found her annoying, but I agree with the rest of your list!

    1. She was annoying but there was a story there that needed to be told.

  3. I definitely agree about Kitty and Luna! I'd love to read their stories. :)

  4. I'd definitely read a book about Luna or Piglet or Inigo Montoyo. All of these are big favorites.

  5. Ah Piglet is the best. All the Pooh supporting characters really. And I love the Huckleberry Finn pick!

  6. Ooooh, Inigo Montoya is a great answer! I definitely want to know what his story is.

    Happy TTT!

  7. Inigo and Kitty are inspired choices. Samwise really needs his own novel too. Great list!

  8. I love that you included Piglet in this list. I would love to know more about the sweet little pig.

    I twisted the topic some, as I have trouble remembering secondary characters.

    When you get the chance, I hope you stop by my post: https://readbakecreate.com/10-books-that-deserve-more-love/

  9. Ah, I always liked Mary and Henry Crawford, good for them for getting away from from Fanny and the Bertram family, they would have never been compatible anyway.

    And I would love, love, love a story about Inigo, either a prequel about who he came to work with Vizzini and Fezzik, or what he did after he avenged his father, doesn't matter, because his character is great.

  10. My family LOVES The Princess Bride and would totally agree that Inigo Montoyo needs more love! I agree that Piglet does as well, so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I agree with Watson and Inigo. Plus, Piglet was always my favorite.


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