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Friday, October 16, 2020

Review and quotes from book: BIRD BOX

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

Book Beginnings quote: 

Malorie stands in the kitchen, thinking. Her hands are damp. She is trembling. She taps her toe nervously on the cracked tile floor. It is early; the sun is probably only peeking above the horizon. She watches its meager light turn the heavy window drapes a softer color of black and thinks, That was a fog.

Friday56 quote (from Chapter 5):

Online they are calling it "the Problem". There exists the widespread communal belief that whatever "the Problem" is, it definitely begins when a person sees something
Summary: Something is out there. No one who has seen it has lived to tell what "it" is. But it is known that if a person "sees it" they will instantly go violently and suicidally insane. Only a few survivors remain, scattered and disjointed, including Malorie and her two four-year-old children. Now that they are old enough, she has decided to attempt a trip down the river to find other survivors. But can they do it blind-folded?

Review: My book club usually reads books selected by a librarian and placed into a book kit convenient for club use. The kits are usually literary fiction or narrative nonfiction. We've rarely selected fantasy or Sci-Fi, so this thriller was a shock to our sensibilities. Here is a bunch of old church ladies reading a book about an apocalypse and post-apocalypse time and all the horrors that are contained within. I worried that no one would like it, but everyone found it thrilling. And thrilling it was. The writing wasn't especially strong but the pulse and beat was undeniable. Even when writing about mundane things like inventorying the food, the background thrumped with menace. After reading the book, my husband and I found and viewed the movie with Sandra Bullock in the lead. As with most book to movie adaptations, the book was better and the movie more compressed. I liked them both.

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SOTH book club, September 2020


  1. Love the description of your group reading the book. :-)
    It sounds menacing, all right, but I'm tintrigued by the idea of the pulsing rhythm. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorites, but I'll read the book first. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I think a change of reading pace is good for all of us once in a while. I'm glad the book group enjoyed this read.

  3. I finally have a copy of this one and just need time to read it. :-) Happy weekend!

  4. Another book I still need to read!

  5. I liked the movie, but I haven't read the book. I have to add it to my list.

  6. This one has been on my list since the movie came out, which I really enjoyed. Glad you all enjoyed it!

  7. I saw the previews for the movie and can't decide to watch it or not. I just don't know if I'm in the mood for existential dread. :)


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