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Monday, December 9, 2019

Sunday Salon---December 9, 2019

Wet but happy fans
Weather: Overcast, threatening to rain.

Home from San Francisco: We got home from a glorious weekend spent down in California. We made the trip to attend the Pac-12 Championship Game in Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara) and to spend a little time with daughter number two, Carly.

Photo of the jumbotron after Ducks win the Pac-12 championship
The game: The Univ. of Oregon Ducks won the game vs Univ. of Utah Utes. The game was a lot of fun and both teams played well. Carly was able to join us after work, though she did miss the first quarter. The weather cooperated most of the time. Right at the end of the game it started raining but it was late enough that it didn't make us miserable. Now the Ducks will play in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day at the Pac-12 champions. We'll watch that game from the comfort of our home.

A little Chistmas brought into Carly's apartment.
No sight-seeing in San Fran: for the first time since Carly moved to San Francisco last year, we visited without doing one single sight-seeing event. This time we ate wonderful food and helped Carly put together a few Christmas decorations for her apartment during our short time together. We also worshiped together at St. John's Presbyterian church, not far from where Carly lives. It was so good to join other Christians as we all prepare for advent.

Not finishing books: for some weird reason I have started and decided to NOT finish several books recently. This is very rare for me so it is odd. Here are the book titles: One Week in Winter (Binchy); a Christmas book I've forgotten the title of, since I got rid of it immediately after deciding not to finish; and Love Letters (L'Engle.)

Currently reading:
  • Burial Rites by Hannah Kent---audiobook; a book club selection for some future month. This book is set in Iceland and is based on actual events surrounding a murder in the 1800s. 33% complete.
  • Sight Lines by Arthur Sze---a poetry book which won the National Book Award. So far I haven't connected with any of the poems. Thankfully it is short and I will finish it. Print. 12% complete.
Books completed last week:
  • The Dutch House by Ann Patchett---audiobook. I enjoyed this book so much especially since it was read by Tom hanks. I was prepared to give it four stars until the ending which I loved so much it jumped up to a five star rating. 
  • Disappearing Earth by Julie Philips---audiobook. A book club selection. It is really a collection of short stories, all inter-related. I found the book and the writing brilliant. Others in book club weren't so sure.
Ian looking behind Santa's mailbox just in case the big guy is hiding back there.

Reindeer and Santa: Ian and I went to a local nursery to see both reindeer and Santa. The reindeer were there  but were underwhelming, doing nothing interesting (at least to a two year old.) Santa was no where to be found. Guess he only comes out during weekends.


  1. I would have agreed with others in BC when I first started "Disappearing Earth" but then I joined Team Anne about halfway through. I couldn't get the book and the stories out of my mind. I kept thinking about how people, things and the instable "realities" of our lives tend to disappear. I'm looking forward to reading "Dutch House." I think Santa is there on Fridays. (Watsons?) Glad you got to spend some time with Carly!!

    1. Good. Glad you are on my side about Disappearing Earth. It was so good in audiobook but it really frustrated me that I couldn't look back to check names from previous chapters.

      Yes, Watsons. Ends up he saw Santa (Ho ho ho) with his parents this past weekend so Ian is good on that score.

      Dutch House is very unique. Love between siblings is not often the focus of books we've read.

  2. Interested to hear what you think of Butial Rites - an Aussie authour! It was a year 12 book a couple of years ago. Mixed reactions from the kids.

    1. I'm pretty sure that you were the one to tell me to read Burial Rites. I think the book is pretty slow and most of the action is in Agnes's head so I can imagine that year 12 students didn't care for it./

  3. That's excellent that you were at the game & traveled to San Fran. Wow fun. It looks wet there. I just finished Dutch House too .... you probably liked the story a bit more than I did .... but I did like Tom Hank's narration as Danny.

  4. Ah to be 2 years old and excited about Santa! What a wonderful time. Sounds like your trip to northern California was really nice; how great that you got to spend time with Carly. I have also put a couple books back on the shelf after only reading a little bit. I am not totally ready to give up on them yet, but I wasn't in the right mood.


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