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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Salon, Nov. 3rd

Ian and his mommy enjoying the outdoors. Photo credit: D. Adams
Weather: Cold and clear. The sky is blue, leaves are falling. Perfect dog-walking weather. (Hint-hint, says the dog!)

Halloween fun, a day early: Wednesday is grandma day for me. I asked my daughter if I could take my grandson out to visit a few friends in his Halloween costume. She agreed and Ian and I had a fun day. He was dressed as O the Owl from the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood TV show. My daughter made his costume. Ian can't quite spit out "trick-or-treat" but has "treat" down pat. I guess he is accurate since no one asked him for a trick anyway. Thanks Julie, Margaret, ad Erin for participating in the fun.
Ian as O the Owl with his cousin, Dylan as a pineapple, and Dylan's mommy

"Rock is dead. Deader than dead," so said Kelly Clarkson on "The Voice" this past week. It got me thinking. Is rock-and-roll really dead? I love listening to what Sirius Radio calls "Classic Vinyl" but I can't think of any current rock bands. Help me out. Rock isn't really dead is it? I found this list of the 50 best modern rock groups and I've only heard of one of them: Sleater-Kinney. Oh dear.

Football conundrum: Since we live on the west coast and colleges want their team to be on TV if they can, we find that our games are often scheduled to start at 7:30 pm. Last week Don and I drove to Eugene to attend a UO football game that started that late. Ugh. When the game was over and we finally got back to my mom's house, it was nearly midnight. Double ugh. I love to attend football games at noon like they used to be in days when I was in school. There is something about fall afternoons and football games that are co-mingled in my mind. I should mention that we did have fun at the game even though it ended so late.

Covenant of Peace and Unity; a statement of faith from our church. The quote is just a portion of the whole statement but it really got me thinking when I read it today, in light of all the polarization in our country today:
We will listen, endeavoring to understand each other, especially those whose views seem to differ from our own, maintaining a spirit of openness and vulnerability.
Blog-n-Readathon: I spent over 20 hours this past week attempting to get my reading/blogging mojo back. I didn't make my goal of 24 hours, but did feel like I was on the right track. The books I read during it---
A. Mother Daughter Me: completed, e-book
B. Akata Witch: completed, audiobook
C. The 13 Clocks: start to finish complete, print
D. Ask Again, Yes: completed, audiobook
E. Inland: started, audiobook, 35%
F. Brave Face: started, print, 22%
G. Called: read two chapters, print and e-book

Prayers for my x-brother-in-law. His brother died from a brain tumor this past week.


  1. I don’t know if rock is dead or that genres are just less pigeon-holed. I have heard of six of the bands listed and even had heard one in concert, Paramore.

  2. I think rock has morphed and is now often called Indie or alternative. What a cute picture of Rita and Ian! Thanks so much for your wonderful visit. I enjoyed seeing my first trick-or-treater.💗

  3. Such beautiful kids and really creative costumes!

    Ronnie @ Paradise Found

  4. Sounds like a really fun week for you! I agree that a crisp fall afternoon is the way to see a sporting event. Not getting home until after midnight is too much for me now (sigh).

  5. Your g-son is absolutely adorable. I am sure you concur.

    Hmm. Is rock-and-roll dead? I don't know.

    Love, love, love the statement of faith. I keep trying to remember that we must be the way we want the world to be (Gandhi). It can be difficult sometimes. I see such sad faces in the world.

    It looks like you got your reading/blogging mojo back to me. I hope you feel it, too.

    Please feel free to link up any time you like for Sunday Salon.


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