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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

TTT: Audiobooks I've listened to this autumn

Top Ten Tuesday: Theme---Autumn

These are the audiobooks I've listened to this autumn so far:

  • 1. Inland (my current audiobook)
    • by Téa Obreht
    • read by Euan Morton, Edoardo Ballerini and Anna Chlumsky
    • My thoughts so far: The book is set in Arizona territory in the 1800s. All three of the voices and the text seems like they derive from a different century which brings the book to life.
    • Audio Sample
  • 2. Ask Again, Yes
    • by Mary Beth Keane
    • read by Molly Pope
    • My thoughts: My husband and I listened to this book in the car, which requires good sound and clear audio. Pope does a great job with the narration.
    • Audio Sample
  • 3. Akata Witch 
    • by Nnedi Okorafor
    • read by Yetide Badaki
    • My thoughts: Akata Witch is set in Nigeria. Badaki is Nigerian-American and her accent makes the setting and the characters come to life.
    • Audio Sample
  • 4. The Canterville Ghost 
    • by Oscar Wilde
    • read by Robert Degas
    • My thoughts:The Canterville ghost thinks of himself as terrifying but when the new family moves into the house, they aren't afraid of him at all. Degas does a hilarious job reading this ghost story.
    • Audio sample
  • 5. American Spy 
    • by Lauren Wilkinson
    • read by Bahni Turpin
    • My thoughts: I've listened to several books read by Bahni Turpin and really enjoy her narrative voice. As mysteries go, this one is pretty unique.
    • Audio sample

  • 6. The Nickel Boys 
    • by Colson Whitehead
    • read by J.D. Jackson, with acknowledgments by the author
    • My thoughts: J.D. Jackson has one of those deep voices I could listen to forever. This is such a disturbing book based on a real situation. I'm glad the listening experience wasn't torturous, too.
    • Audio sample
  • 7. If Beale Street Could Talk 
    • by James Baldwin
    • read by Bahni Turpin
    • My thoughts: Another book narrated by Ms. Turpin. She sets the mood of the story with her voice and her timing.
    • Audio sample
  • 8. The Library Book 
    • by Susan Orlean
    • read by Susan Orlean
    • My thoughts: I usually don't like authors to narrate their own books but Orlean does a very good job. Maybe because this book is nonfiction, there is no need for theatrical interpretation. If you haven't read this book, I recommend it.
    • Audio sample


  1. Great choices! I would like to read several of these!!

  2. You have listened to some fabulous audios this fall. I find myself listening to more audiobooks lately. I've got one going in the car and in the house, oddly. I'm particularly interested in Nickel Boys.

  3. I'm just not into audio books... for some odd reason. I feel like I should given them another chance because I have enjoyed what I've heard (maybe 3 - 5 books in total), but yeah, I just don't seem to ever go that route! Thanks so much for the Finding Wonderland visit, Anne.

  4. All of these books sound like such interesting reads.

    My TTT.

  5. Love this. I really want to check out more audiobooks.

  6. Good choices. I just don't ever do audio books, but I really should start.

  7. So glad you enjoyed Akata Witch, it's been on my TBR forever!

  8. I've been thinking of picking up The Library Book - I may have to go with the audiobook. :)

  9. These are great. I'm not an audiobook reader most of the time but a lot of my friends are. I do enjoy them though.

  10. 100% agreed on The Nickel Boys and J.D. Jance's tone. I've added Beale Street and The Library book to my tbr.

  11. Woo, you're doing fantastic! These all sound wonderful! I'm kind of rubbish with audiobooks, but I think I'm going to have to look into the ones for The Nickel Boys and Ask Again, Yes!


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