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Friday, October 11, 2019

European vacation: Bavaria. Part 3A

Nuremberg skyline
Don and I have been home from Europe for five days and we are just now starting to feel like we are back in our current time zone. I've been going to bed between seven and eight every night, sleeping for ten hours, and I still feel caddywhompus. Today I will share highlights from our time in Bavaria (Germany).

For highlights from other legs of our trip check here for U.K. and Prague highlights. Thank you for dropping by. Please feel free to make a comment at the bottom of the page.

Bavaria (Germany)---September 25-October 2, 2019, first leg of our German trip
We left Prague on a coach heading straight to Nuremberg, Germany. The day was rainy but we got some good views of the German countryside as we left Czech Republic and entered eastern Bavaria. Our daughter, who has traveled in Germany several times, urged us to visit Nuremberg not only for its Nazi history, for which the town is well known, but for its awesome medieval old town. She was right not only did the Nazi Documentation Museum knock our socks off but so did its old town, with its rebuilt cathedrals and bridges.

Medieval tower. Our first shot of old town Nuremberg
Old town Nuremberg has a vibrant open-air market. Here Kathy and I are admiring the flowers.
A River ran through the middle of town. Pictured is the old hospital (I think)
I couldn't keep track of the names of all the lovely cathedrals. The largest was St. Lawrence.

Much of St. Lawrence was destroyed during bombings from WWII but the art and the stained glass was removed a head of time and so was spared. It is amazing how authentic the rebuilt portions look.
An old street of medieval homes not destroyed by bombs.
View from the oldest metal cable bridge in continental Europe
It was raining but we didn't care. The sights were so good we all had to take photos. Isn't this a funny photo?
Bust of Hitler in the Nazi Documentation Museum
Shingles of names of Holocaust victims litter a railroad track. A reminder of the horrors of Hitler's policies.
Tom is standing where Hitler stood when he addresses the masses of party members in the zeppelin field, now used for parking and a sports field. It was an eerie, surreal experience.
We rented a car for the next leg of our journey and left Nuremberg en route to the Romantic Road. First stop, Wurzburg to see the Residence Hall built by the Prince-Bishop in the 1700s. It is huge, over-the-top example of German baroque and rococo styling. It is now considered a UNESCO Heritage sight.

Wurzburg Residence. We weren't allowed to take photos inside. Go to the Internet and check it out for yourself. Amazing.
A charming old mill seen on the Romantic Road
 Since Rita's first trip to Germany she has been singing the praises of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a romantic medieval village with 90% of the original wall still intact. We were charmed.
Our charming bedroom in Rothenburg
Old Town
View of Old Town square
Part of the old wall
Clock tower
Night Watchman's tour, Rothenburg
Spectacular sunset over the cathedral in Rothenburg

Nighttime was a magical time in Rothenburg
We had such a wonderful time in Germany. I will post the second half of our German trip in another post so I won't overwhelm you with another 25 pictures.

Come back.


  1. I'm so glad you headed my advice and got to experience these cool old towns.

    1. I think my photos from Nuremberg are my favorite from the whole trip. Most people don't realize how cool that town is, so it isn't overrun with tourists.

  2. Those old towns are so atmospheric! Like Rita, Alison loved Rothenburg. I haven't been to Germany for several decades, and would enjoy a trip back.

  3. Such wonderful photos! I have never been to Nuremberg, but would love to. I was in Rottenberg when I was young, but have fond memories of the medieval town.


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