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Thursday, November 10, 2016


My very own 24-Hour Blog-n-Readathon

Over the course of the next three days I plan to cobble together 24-hours of reading and blogging. I am so behind on my reviews it is ridiculous and talk about a towering TBR pile of books.
Don is away for a few days, I have tomorrow off work for Veteran's Day, and a weekend with no plans.  With the events of this past week and the results of the election crippling me with anger and sorrow, I've put myself on a media restriction until my moods stabilize and I don't feel so fragile.  Immersing myself in books and their reviews sounds good to me. It will be therapeutic to knock a few things off my list, too. 

The list below looks ominous but even the act of typing it up has made my spirit soar a little bit. We'll see how I do. 
Books I hope to get to
Reviews I plan to tackle
In the Shadow of the Banyan/Ratner
Little Women/Alcott
The Last Boy and Girl in the World/Vivian
March 3/Lewis
The Girl in the Blue Coat/Hesse
Girl at War/Novic
The Reader/Chee
Vassa in the Night/Porter

Still Life With Tornado/King

Lucy and Linh/Pung

I'm off to start reading. I promise to post my final progress report when I hit 24-hours. 


  1. I'm looking forward to your review of Railhead, and I hope you like Vassa in the Night. :)

  2. I am heartsick and also staying away from most media. I don't even know what to write on my blog.

    1. Me either. So for today and tomorrow I shall focus on books and reviews and attempt to banish the evil thoughts from my head.

  3. What a great and reaffirming plan! I hope it goes well and you enjoy.

  4. I like this plan, Anne. I'm also staying away from harsh reads and dystopias. I feel like we are living in one already. :(

    1. Oh yes, I hadn't thought of it in those terms but i agree. I'm afraid it will get worse as the Utopia Trump plans dissolves into chaos.


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