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Monday, May 2, 2016

TTT: A revisit with childhood characters as adults

Broke and Bookish

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters who were kids in their books that I'd like to revisit as adults

1. The Pevansie children from the Chronicles of Narnia : Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter

2. Pippi Longstocking. remember her? The Swedish super hero? I wonder what she is up to today?

3. Miles "Pudge" Halter from John Green's Looking for Alaska
4. Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell's characters from the book by the same title
Photo source : http://eleanorandparkmovie.tumblr.com/
5. Anne of Green Gables by J.M. Montgomery (I know she grew up in the series but since I've only read the first book, I am adding her here in hopes I will eventually get to know her as an adult.)
6. Christopher Robin, the perpetual little boy in the Winnie-the-Pooh series. I understand his father, A.A. Milne, fashioned the character after his own son.
7.  Ramona and Beezus, sisters in the books by Beverly Cleary. I adored Ramona especially and want to meet her as an adult.

8. Marie-Laure LeBlanc the blind protagonist in All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

9. Harry Potter. We got a glimpse of him as an adult in the last scene of the movie for book seven but I'd like to get to know him as an adult. What does he do with his time now that Voldemort is gone?

10. Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief


Imogene Herdman, a favorite character in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She and her brothers were very naughty children but we saw a glimpse of her humanity toward the end of this book. What kind of person did she grow up to be?


  1. Awww! Pippi Longstocking. It's been a while since I thought of her! :-) Great list this week, Anne! :-)

  2. Christopher Robin! Why didn't I think of that :) I hope it wouldn't be like Calvin and Hobbes.

    Here's my TTT: http://haphazardbookshelves.blogspot.com/2016/05/ten-characters-id-like-to-revisit.html

  3. I have just a couple of the same as you. Love Anne. Love Pippi. My role models.


  4. Pipi Longstocking is such a great choice and I'd also love to see if Pudge got more mature. I'm glad Ramona is on your list too!

  5. Great list! Susan Pevensie is getting a lot of love today. Pippi is a terrific choice; I can't even picture her grown up, so it would be a lot of fun to see what she did as an adult. You can actually read about Christopher Robin in his own words; he wrote at least one memoir. (He wasn't terribly thrilled about the attention he got because of the Pooh books.) And I hope you do read the remaining Anne books!

  6. Pippy Longstocking! That's great, she was such a big part of my childhood, I'd love to find out what happened to her. Great list!

  7. I didn't do a TTT this week, but if I had, Liesel and the Pevensies definitely would've been on there. You've got some great other choices as well, especially Anne!

    Followed via Twitter. =)

    Brittany @ http://www.spacebetweenthespines.com/

  8. Pippi and Anne, how could I have forgotten to add them to my list?!
    You have so many great choices!

  9. Interesting how frequently the Pevensies have showed up! I also love your pick of Pippi - she was such an intriguing and unique child, as an adult I imagine her as a more eccentric Auntie Mame:). An interesting story could be told about Christopher Robin as a too serious adult who has to reconnect with his childhood, Hmmmmm. Great list!

  10. How did I forget Ramona? She is too cute (though I only know her from the movie). Also, the Pevansie children would all be great to know as adults; I am fond of them all - some of the best literary characters there are. :)

    Thanks - as always, for visiting Finding Wonderland, Anne.

  11. Ha! What does he do with all his time now that Voldemort is gone? Made me laugh. :)


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