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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Salon, Pie and Prejudice

Weather: Windy.

Pi(e) and Prejudice: Let the eating drinking game begin. Pi day (3.14) We are taking part a day early.

What is Pie and Prejudice, you ask? Well, it's like a drinking game, except with pie!
Original rules published on BuzzFee
i 8 sum pi = "I ate some pie" 
You eat pie or drink bubbly according to the action on the screen.

Bubbly: Proseco; Meat Pie (Savory); Crack Pie (sweet); not shown: Quiche pie and Apple Pie
We have five hours ahead of us. We must ration the bites and sips.
Carly is ready to eat and drink

Rita is set with meat pie and bubbly.
The vantage point of the TV for me. Notice the dog at my feet.
If we need to take a break we can work on the J.A. puzzle for a few minutes.

I'm published: my blog post Melancholy and Springtime was picked up and published on the website: Teaching with Heart, Fire, and Poetry. Check it out here. The original post is here.

Books read this week:
  • The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner... a memoir of a girl who girl up in a polygomist community, as a sect of the Mormon church. Fascinating and horrifying.
  • Teaching With Fire: Poetry that Sustains the Courage to Teach edited by Intrator and Scribner. A reread for me. I enjoyed it just as much the second time through.
  • Heath Ledger: Hollywood's Dark Star by Brain Robb. It is hard to believe this talented star has been dead for nearly eight years.
Currently reading:
  • Running the Rift by Naomi Benaron...my book club selection of the month.
  • The Porcupine of Truth by Bill Konigsberg...a sure am taking my sweet time with this book. Sigh.
Back to Pie and Prejudice! See you next week.


  1. SUCH a fun event! My daughter and granddaughter will be living in town this time next year - I am going to suggest this as a girls' night activity for March 14, 2017!

    And congratulations on being published - that is awesome :)

  2. This looks like so much fun!! It would make a great book club night too! Thanks for sharing!

    Congratulations on being published!!

  3. Wonderful idea for a pie/Pi celebration! I am hoping to keep my power today. I am very over the windstorms!

    1. Our neighbors across Shaw Road lost power, but we didn't even have a flicker.

  4. How fun is this??? I've never seen the movie and I haven't read the book so I will put it on my calendar for 2017 and hope all schedules work out.

    1. Yes, it does work out best if 3-14 falls on a weekend.

  5. What a fun game! Now I want to play!! :-)

    1. Yes, it was fun but I warn to take super small bites and sips because you will be eating for five hours straight.

  6. Replies
    1. It was lots of fun but a bit sickening at the same time. Have you ever ate pie and drank champagne for five hours straight even if the bites were small and the sips were tiny? Ugh.


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