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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Award-winning sports books for teen boys. I need some suggestions.

This past week we've been checking-out award-winning books to our 9th graders. This meant I needed to find 400 award books (or books by award-winning authors) and be prepared to check them out within a three-day period.

Fortunately, as a high school librarian, this is one of those tasks I relish. Locating that many award book was a huge challenge, however.  I even had to make a trip to the local Scholastic Books Warehouse (where the school had a little bit of credit on its account) and to Half-Price books for low-cost additions.

Tomorrow is the third day of  award-book-check-out. By the end of the day I will have seen fourteen classes. Whew!

One big problem: there is a real dearth of award-winning sports books for teen boys. It is a huge problem, in my estimation. Many teen award books feature male protagonists but most of those characters are the non-athletic types, or the characters are athletic but the focus of the book is not on sports.

I need your help locating good, high quality sports books for teens, preferably award-winning books. Here are the only YA award-winning books where at least a portion of the book focuses on sports that I have discovered:

Alexie, Sherman
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian
National Book Award-2007; LA Times Finalist 2008; Odyssey Award 2009; Boston-Globe Award Book 2008
Feinstein, John
Last Shot: a Final Four Mystery
Edgar Award 2006
Herbert, Geoff
Stupid Fast
Football; Track
Cybils Award 2011
Myers, Walter Dean
Coretta Scott King Award 1997
Myers, Walter Dean
Darius and Twig
Coretta Scott King Honor 2014
Preus, Margi
Heart of the Samurai
Martial Arts
Newbery Honor 2011
Sharenow, Robert
Berlin Boxing Club
Walden Honor 2012; Sydney Taylor Finalist 2012
Silvey, Craig
Jasper Jones
Printz Honor 2012
Smith, Andrew
Walden Honor 2014
Soto, Gary
Baseball in April and other Stories
Baseball (and ?)
Pura Belpre Honor 1996
Van Draanen, Wendelin
The Running Dream
Long distance running (female)
Schneider Family Book Award 2012

You see my problem? Half the population of the high school are boys. Half of those boys are reluctant or non-readers. Sports books are an avenue to get them reading.  I need more sports books but they are hard to find.  Any suggestions from you would be appreciated.


  1. I asked Rock what his favorite book was in high school: Instant Replay by Jerry Kramer about the Greenbay Packers. It looks like it has just been re-released.

  2. I recommend TT: Full Throttle by Nicole Winters. It's engaging, has lots of technical details but also lots of heart, and was one of the Childrens' Book Centre's Best Books for Kids & Teens 2014.


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