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Monday, May 27, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday...Free Choice

Top Graphic Novels/series in my library

Library Wars series by Kiiro Yumi...this is by far the most popular graphic series in the library. Students place holds on the next book in line and then check back daily to see if it is back yet. If you have a high school library and don't have this series, I recommend you get it ASAP!

Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi...I'm a little embarrassed to list this book since it is definitely below high school reading level. But I have a group of students who do read below grade level who just love this series.

Death Note series by Tsugumi Ohba...a bit of a controversial series which is actually being challenged in my district. I think by the time kids are in high school they can distinguish right from wrong and know that creating a death list would be in the "wrong" category.

Fruits Basket series by Natsuki Tanaya... this series has been around forever but girls still really like it.  I have up to book #17, then kids are on their own or have to go to the public library.

A Bride's Story series by Kaoru Mori...these lovely graphic novels contain spectacular drawings. Currently the series has four books, more soon.

The Earl and Fairy series by Ayuko...this is a new series to my library and it is a short one, only four books. Kids blaze through it and then are ready to move on.

Brody's Ghost series by Mark Crilley...I just have four books in this wildly popular series and kids read them over and over again and ask me when the next book will be published.

Bone series by Jeff Smith...this series has experienced a resurgence of popularity this year.

Runaways series by Brian Vaughn...Another oldie but goodie. I goofed up and purchased the books out of order and so have a hole in the series.  I hear about this all the time!

Naruto series by Masashi Kishimoto...another series that has been around for years. I have the first 10 books in this lengthy series then kids have to go search on-line or the public library for more.

Foiled and Curses, Foiled Again by Jane Yolen... the second book of this series was published earlier this year. As soon as it hit the shelves students went back and read the first book.

Dresden Files: Storm Front by Jim Butcher, illustrated by Mark Powers... I thought this graphic novel would encourage readers to move over and read the print series.  So far it hasn't happened. This is pretty graphic, so I am not sure I will get more.

I don't read many graphic novels.  Of those listed I've only read the first book in the series of Library Wars, A Bride's Story, and both of the Foiled series.  What are your favorite graphic novels? I am always looking for good suggestions for my library.


  1. Honestly, I've never even thought about getting into graphic novels. I'm not even sure I've seen one! So many people enjoy them, though, so I kind of want to go to a bookstore and look at some of them.

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl (And The Broke and the Bookish). Visit my Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. Good list, I love Fruits Basket it's my favorite series of all time and considering how much happens in volume 17 I find it a bit cruel to stop at that point in the series. I'm also a fan of Death Note and the Earl and the Fairy.

  3. I'm glad you did this list because I love manga but never know what to pick up. Now I have a bunch of titles to add! :)

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  4. My daughter read her way through the Fruits Basket series, but mostly reads regular novels, not manga. I think she enjoyed it, though. I'm embarrassed to say, I've never read a graphic novel... though back in my long-ago college days, I followed the X-men comic books for several years. (I wonder where my collection went?)

  5. Oh yeah, the Library Wars are popular at my library, too. I should read them. Great list!


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