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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Snapshot Saturday...May 25th

My daughter turned 25 years old yesterday. This is a picture taken of us when she was one. We were on vacation at a lake in Central Oregon. What a lovely memory.

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  1. That's a lovely photo, and must bring back happy memories - but I am sure she brings you as much happiness now as she did then. My Snapshot is at http://goo.gl/hfGhV

  2. What a wonderful photo, Anne! And wonderful memories, I'm sure. Hope you and she both enjoy her birthday today.

    I announced the start of my summer reading challenge today - check it out!

    Enjoy the weekend -


    Big Book Summer Challenge

  3. So very sweet -- happy birthday to her! :) -beth

  4. Adorable photo and memory!! Miss our little kids although I wouldn't have the energy for them now. :)

  5. This picture is perfect - it looks professionally taken. The joy and emotion caught in it are amazing.

  6. What a fun photo. Great way to celebrate her 25th by remembering the tiny girl she was. Here's Mine

  7. Your lovely photo is a timely reminder for us how quickly those early years fly by. Our eldest is 16 and we are very aware of how close we are to the end of this phase of our lives (although there are days when it cant come quickly enough!)

  8. How adorable! Thanks for taking part in Saturday Snapshot!

  9. What a wonderful picture! I'm sure you treasure it. And happy birthday to your daughter!

    I was the photographer in our house when our daughter was young (my husband was the videographer.) So while there are lots of photos of our daughter, or of her and Daddy, there are very few of her with me. In retrospect, I wish I'd made sure I was in a few more shots.

    Have a lovely week!


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