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Monday, November 28, 2011

Top Ten TBR books for winter reading

Broke and Bookish
Ten books I plan to read this winter...
  1. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa--- the first book of the popular Iron Fey series.
  2. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery---I already have it checked out from the library, ready to go.
  3. Fragile Beasts by Tauni O'Dell--- This is a book club selection for January. I've heard good things about it.
  4. Stick by Andrew Smith--- As I've been reading books for my Mock Printz event kids keep telling me how amazing this book is and they think it might be a winner.  I need to read it quick and add it to my list, if it as good as the kids say.
  5. My Name is Not Easy by Debby Edwardson--- This book is coming out with great reviews.  Another Mock Printz contender?
  6. Jane Austen Ruined by Life by Beth Pattillo---Jane Austen books or books with Jane Austen in the title are synonymous with winter for me. I haven't read this one yet and I am eager to get my hands on it.
  7. Mr. Knightley's Diary by Amanda Grange--- See note above.
  8. Evernight by Claudia Gray--- I have lots of students who are absolutely crazy for this series right now. I am determined to find out what all the fuss is about.
  9. Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler---my daughter just finished this book and she promised me that she would be my guest blogger if I read it first.  Look for that sometime in late December.
  10. Printz Award winners--- the ALA meets in mid-January and announces all their award books for the year.  I will read all the Printz award and honor books that I haven't read already.


  1. stopping by to see what you are cuddling up to read this winter.

  2. The Iron King was a fun read. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. OMG! Anne of Green Gables!! That was my favorite series when I was growing up! I need to re-read it, aw! Its one of those books that sparked my love of reading. Enjoy!

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance
    Books, Shopping & Rock N' Roll


  4. The Iron King is definitely a must read! One of my favorite series :) some of your list are classics reminds me that I have to read them.

    Totally love your list!

    Here's my Top Ten List
    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  5. I have Henry Tilney's Diary on my list...
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesdays post. :)

  6. What a great list of books for winter reading. I will have to check out My Name is Easy as it sounds very interesting.

  7. Love Anne of Green Gables, I really should do a re-read of that whole series one day. I liked the Iron Fey series (what I've read). Enjoy!

  8. I also heard good things about Fragile Beasts by Tauni O'Dell. I actually wanted to download it two weeks ago, but a friend told me about a 15 days free trial on all you can books so I waited till now to have it.
    If I will finish it till Christmas I'll let you know if it's a good or excellent book:)

  9. I can't make up my mind in advance of what I want to read. :) I'm struggling to finish up my summer and fall tbr pile. I'm also very curious about the Iron Fey series as well as the contenders for the ALA awards.

  10. I really should get started on the Iron Fey series. But yes, definitely read Anne of Green Gables! When I was younger, that was one of my favorite series :)

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Your list is very interesting, I'll have to look up "My Name is Not Easy". Also your number 10 is intriguing, maybe you should host a challenge.

  12. Anne of Green Gables is one of my all-time favorite books. I've read it at least a dozen times over the years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    My Top Ten

  13. I want to read Anne of Green Gables soon too. I won't get to it this winter, but hopefully next year some time.

  14. I feel so behind because I haven't read the Iron King yet either! And Jane Austen Ruined My Life sounds like the perfect winter read ;)
    -Daisy @ the Broke and the Bookish

  15. I plan to finish the Iron Fey series this winter. I have been pleasantly surprised by the series. I really liked Marbury Lens, I need to pick up Stick at some point. Here is my list http://wp.me/pzUn5-Gs

  16. I really liked Chandler's second novel Girls Don't Fly, so I also have her debut waiting on my TBR pile. Evernight has been sitting on my shelves unread for so long! I don't why I haven't gotten to it!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting this week :)

  17. I had never even heard of Mr. Knightly's Diary, anything Austen is a must for me. Thank you for sharing! It is immediately going on my list.

    Top Ten - Otherwhere.co

  18. Some interesting ones, particularly the Austen variations. Emma isn't my favorite of her books, but I like the idea of reading the story from Knightley's perspective. I'll see about adding those to my always-growing TBR list. :)

    I read Anne of Green Gables for the first time earlier this year. I think much of the magic is lost in adulthood.

  19. You haven't read the Iron Fey series? it is such an amazing series! You really need to do so soon!
    A Beautiful Madness

  20. I just picked up a copy of the Iron King myself. I haven't been reading much YA lately, but the winter always seems to be the time when I crave it.

  21. I LOVE THE IRON KING! And Evernight!! I hope you enjoy them :) Great list!

  22. You have a nice list here.
    Oh, I forgot to add the Julie Kagawa's series to my TBR list! What are the Printz Awards?
    Thanks again for commenting on my Top Ten Tuesday :)

  23. I just got a copy of The Iron King, so I'm hoping to read that very soon, too. It sounds like a great series!

  24. Ooh, I should've added The Iron King to my list. I've been wanting to read it for ages.

  25. Let me know what you think of Anne Shirley!



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