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Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Monday, Nov. 7 and I'm reading....

Sheila at Book Journey is the host of this meme.

What I am reading- 
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. This book has been on my bedside table for at least three years. I finally got a good start on it on the plane ride home from Hawaii. 
  • Habibi by Craig Thompson.  This is the artist who wrote Blankets, my all-time favorite graphic novel. I'm still near the beginning of the story and am still confused about the characters and the setting since the story goes back and forth in time.  Hope to sort things out this week.
What I recently completed- Divergent by Veronica Roth. I'd heard wonderful things about this book by other book bloggers and I must admit that I found it very exciting. The story is another of the dystopian tales of the Hunger Games, Maze Runner ilk.  Look for my review soon.

What I'm listening to-  
  • Flip by Martyn Bedford. A new twist on a old tale of body swapping. This one really poses a serious question, "What would you do if..."  When I complete it I will have completed my whole 2012 Mock Printz reading list.  I'm impressed by the seriousness with which this intriguing problem is handled. I should finish this today.  
  • Forever by Maggie Stiefvater- the third book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.  I am eager to get going on this book.
What is up next-
  •  Five Flavors of Dumb by Anthony John. A deaf girl is the manager for a Rock Band.  She has to get people interested in the band that she herself has never heard.  This is the last book in the 2011 Read the ALA Winners Challenge for me.  This book won the Schneider Family Teen Book Award which honors novels that deal with the topic of people living with disabilities.
  • I'm not sure what I will pick up next to read. I want to finish all my challenges by December 31st. so I will likely pick up a book "I should have read in school but didn't" such as Their Eyes Were Watching God by Hurston, Frankenstein by Shelley, or  The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.  Can you think of any books you read in high school that you actually think everyone should read?  I'm looking for suggestions.

What are you reading this week?


  1. Ooh I found Divergent very exciting as well! :D

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Oh, wow, what a great reading week you had/are having, Anne! I can't wait to read Divergent - Jamie loved it. I enjoyed Forever, too.

    Flip sounds intriguing. I really love books about time travel, body swapping, and that sort of thing when they are done in a thought-provoking way. I will have to look for that one!


  3. I loved Divergent and Five Flavors of Dumb!

    And about F.R.E.A.K.S--I'm a high school student, but I've been reading "adult" books for a year now. This book would be perfectly okay for highschoolers--mainly because of the zombies, except that there is a LOT of sexual-innuendo and references. So maybe for the mature high-schoolers.

  4. I've been wanting to look for Divergent, it looks good from what I've read about it so far.

  5. I didn't realize Divergent was dystopian, maybe I'll have to read it. I really enjoyed Five Flavors of Dumb so look forward to seeing what you think of it

  6. First - thanks for stopping by my blog - I left an answer to your question there.

    Five Flavors of Dumb sounds like a great book - love the blurb, a deaf girl promoting a rock band. Quirky.

    As far as high school reading, I can only remember being assigned such old and boring books to read, old to me back then and some of them are still required reading in some schools. Like The Outsiders - a good book, but way off base for kids nowadays. So I can't think of any YA books except for the few paranormals that I've read and I doubt they would be required reading at a school. Suzanne Collins, J.A. Campbell and Lili St. Crow. Most of my reading is "adult". Although, If you're getting into Terry Pratchett, he does have a few YA novels, most of them in the Discworld and one (Nation) that is set in the Easter Islands...I might have the name wrong about the Islands, but it's set in tropical islands. Good book.

  7. I've got Divergent, can't wait to read it so I'm glad to see you found it exciting. I enjoyed Forever; not my favourite in the trilogy but still good.

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading :)


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