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Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogoversary Giveaway Week! Day 2

and giveaway!
Day 2
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Day 2 Question:
What is one blog post that you wrote that you thought didn't get the recognition it deserved? Provide the link to that post with a brief description.  (If you don't have a blog, you may just comment on my linked blog post.)

My Answer:
The book review for the book Please Ignore Vera Dietz sure didn't get the recognition it deserved, in my opinion. It is a fabulous book.  I thought I wrote a good and clever review.  I can't even find this review if I search on Google for it burrowing down 20+ pages.


  1. I wrote a review for Linda Francis Lee's Looking for Lacey. A great contemporary romance. I received no comments. Truly a great read not many seem to have heard of:


  2. I created a whole blog on awards for children's literature for a class I took last year. I don't think anyone has commented. My goal is to finish getting it updated with the 2011 award winners. I did use some of the blog when I was teaching about one of the awards, so at least it was not a total waste. :) http://awardsforchildlit.blogspot.com/

  3. I wrote a review of a great children's book called "Kat, Incorrigble". I enjoyed it very much and thought I wrote a good review. On the upside, I have booktalked this book to several kids and they seemed to like it. :) http://booksinthespotlight.blogspot.com/2011/04/kat-incorrigible-unladylike-adventures.html

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  5. http://thebestobooks.blogspot.com/2011/07/historical-fiction-our-past-their.html

    I wrote the above linked post as something out of context for me, a (usually) contemporary suspense, thriller & mystery reviewer, but even so, I thought I would get at least one comment, since I put some research into it, and not all my readers are into the same genre as I am. It is a post talking about the late great British author who is known by her pen names: Victoria Holt, Philippa Car and Jean Plaidy. She wrote gothic romance,historical fiction, and historical fiction romance, depending on which pseudonym it was under. I thought someone would appreciate her work; I put a link to her website and looked at online bookstores to see if they are still for sale (some are). Anyway, I enjoyed reading what I wrote, so it wasn't for waste. Rae
    p.s. I used to love her books in my teens/20s.

  6. I think new bloggers in general don't get the respect that they deserve and often post great things that never get noticed. I know it takes time to develop a blog and get followers but I've seen some good blogs go for about 6 months and hardly get any attention at all.

    DT from http://www.deadtreesandsilverscreens.blogspot.com

  7. Er, probably 'Dickens and My Kind of Overblown Prejudice Against Him.' I was pretty proud of 'hypocritical asshattery,' but maybe that's just me.


  8. I don't know if I actually have an entry I feel this way about. I know that I had some at the beginning that I wish I'd had more followers to discuss and comment. So I'm just going to post my blog address here: Lisa at http://misclisa.blogspot.com/

  9. One of my favorite non-review posts is one I wrote last year about being near the end of a really good book:


    (P.S. I do follow you via GFC!)


  10. I just restarted my blog after a few year hiatus, and I must say I'm impressed with how many comments I've already received so I really don't have a good answer for this one. The only thing I can say is that I've found the book blogger community to be even more welcoming then it was a few years ago!

  11. i'm suprised if any of my blog posts get a comment! i blog for the fun of it, and anything else that happens in the gravy on my dressing!

    my blog

  12. Good question and kind of hard to answer. I guess I'll list my review of East of Eden. I was really proud of this review. But, I guess my blog readers didn't care or this genre doesn't interest them or something.

  13. Well, I just started my blog a few weeks ago. So I haven't received much recognition at all yet :)

  14. I wrote a book/movie review for Something Borrowed and got no comments. It was when I first started, but even since no one's commented on it. No worries though.. things have picked up since! ;o)

    imabookshark AT yahoo DOT com

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  15. Hm...I guess my review of Bumped by Megan McCafferty, although I hate to call attention to a not-great review. Although my blog is only 27 days old today, so I don't really have any complaints about what kind of recognition it gets. :)

  16. I have my first competition going on, about drawing characters from the books you read, but so far no one seems interested.


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