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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Sunday Salon -- A little or this and that

When all the flowering tree petals fall at once!

Weather: Rain!

Guns: I didn't post last week because Don and I attended a program at our church about how to have conversations about the topic of guns. It was sponsored by the YMCA called Bridge of Hope. If you are interested, you might check out the YMCA in your area to see if they are offer opportunities to join in the conversation of complex and hard to discuss topics like those around the topic of guns. It was worth the time and I felt empowered to speak up but also to listen.

Concert: I am posting late in the day today because we attended a choir concert. My daughter sings in a community choir, NW Repertory Singers, and their spring concert was today. We love it that she continues to use the gift God gave her with her beautiful voice.

Flowers: Two weeks ago I posted photos of tulips taken in the Skagit Valley north of where we live in Washington State. This collage is of the flowers in my yard taken all in one day a week ago. It has been raining a lot this week, so the flowers are either hanging on or, as with the photo of the pink blossoms under the cherry tree, wiped out. This next week it is supposed to get hot so then all the spring flowers will probably wilt, not liking high temperatures.

Books and blogging, the last two weeks:
  • Currently reading:
    • How to Be Perfect: Poems by Ron Padgett. I am enjoying this collection of poems and the poet's sense of humor. 70% complete.
    • I Cheerfully Refuse by Leif Enger. A favorite author. This book is set in an dystopian future. Audiobook. 60% complete.
    • Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. A book club selection. Also set in a dystopian future. 75% complete.
  • Finished Books:
    • Prequel: An American Fight Against Fascism by Rachel Maddow. Don and I listened to this book and we distressed to learn that the US was so influenced by German propaganda before WWII that we almost fell into fascism. Now we are falling for propaganda from Russia and the same result. I am working on the review but there is so much to say. 5 stars.
    • West With Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge. Another audiobook. This was a book club selection and we all enjoyed the book based on an event in the 1930s where two giraffes were transported by truck across the country from New York to San Diego, California. 4 stars.
    • Poetry books that finished up for National Poetry Month:
      • suddenly we by Evie Shockley. 4 stars.
      • All Souls: Poems by Saskia Hamilton. 4 stars.
      • Kissing of Kissing: Poems by Hannah Emerson. 5 stars.
      • Serenity: Poems by S.F. Yousaf. 3 stars.
      • To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings by John O'Donohue. 3 stars.
    • The Wren, the Wren by Anne Enright. On the finalist list for the 2024 Women's Prize and my first book by this famous Irish author. 4 stars.
    • Subpar Parks: America's Most Extraordinary National Parks and Their Impressed Visitors by Amber Share. I really enjoyed this book. 5 stars. 
  • Blogging (In addition to the hyperlinked reviews above):
Better post this now or no one will read it. Have a good week!


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