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Monday, October 30, 2023

Nonfiction November -- Week One

Today is the beginning of Nonfiction November. Let's see what is my prompt today?

Week 1 (10/30-11/3) Your Year in Nonfiction: a. Celebrate your year of nonfiction. What books have you read? What were your favorites? b. Have you had a favorite topic? c. Is there a topic you want to read about more?  d. What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November? 

a. I've read 37 nonfiction books this year so far and I am currently listening to another nonfiction/memoir right now. Twelve of these books are children's, middle grade, or YA titles. This isn't surprising since I read as a Cybils nonfiction judge. Even though my role as judge doesn't kick in until January, I know it is coming and I will attempt to locate new nonfiction titles for these age groups throughout the year.

b. My favorite books are those that generated great discussions with someone else.  Four books jump out in my mind due to the discussions that followed my readings: The Loneliest Polar Bear and Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope were excellent book club selections. Pray First by Hodges has been a treasure and I'm working through it for my second time in one year in my church small group. And lastly Meet the Megafauna! by Balkan, a children's book I just read with my grandson. We both devoured the book and spent hours talking about it.

c. I'm a nonfiction omnivore. I will read anything as long as I am interested or there is a chance I'll learn something new!

d. I hope to catch up on reading some of my own nonfiction books that I've had around the house for years during this year. I also have dedicated myself to read as many of the nominated nonfiction titles for the Children's nonfiction category for the Cybils Award. There are 115 of them this year, so this is no small task. I may give up before I get to the end of the task, but I'm up for trying.


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