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Friday, May 19, 2023

A personal read and blogathon -- updated

Every few months I just need to catch up. For this reason I set myself goals to read and blog for 24 hours in (this time) a four-day window of time. Starting right now I plan to spend at least six hours a day for four day straight reading and blogging. Here is my plan: update:


  • Finish -- Black Cake by Wilkinson. I am currently 56% done, with 3+ hours left. Completed and blog review written!
  • Begin and make substantial progress -- Horse by Brooks. I have both the audiobook and the print version of this book at my avail at this moment. 65% complete.
  • Possibly start -- Immortal King Rau by Vara. This just became available from the library. No.

Children's Books:

  • Five children's books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal Completed and passed on to my grandchildren after writing a blog review.

Graphic novel/biography:

  • Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds and Danica Novgorodoff  Completed.
  • Change the Game by Colin Kaepernick Completed.

Poetry Books:

  • Then the War: Selected Poems 2007-2020 by Cal Phillips Read about 15 pages and decided the poetry wasn't for me.
  • Unshuttered: Poems by Patricia Smith Completed and blog review written.
  • Obit by Chang (E-book) Complete.


  • How to Be a Young Antiracist by Kendi and Stone No.
  • Pray First by Hodges Read the first five chapters, which was the goal.
  • Tell Me Why: Beatles Commentary by Riley Up to 33% from 15%.

Blog reviews:

  • Four Seasons in Rome by Doerr No.
  • When the Angels Left the Old Country by Lamb Yes.
  • Adrift by Galloway No.
  • Any books I finish during the readathon Yes, see above.

In total I read/blogged for over 22 hours. I did a pretty bad job of keep an exact record of time. I completed 10 book (5-children's books, two-graphic novels, two-poetry books, and one audiobook.) I wrote four reviews. In addition, I made progress on three other books. All in all it was a successful readathon.

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