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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Six Degrees of Separation---From Daisy Jones and the Six to...

Six Degrees of Separation

We start with 
 Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
A rock group in the 1970s implode because of emotional pressure on the inside of the group. The story is told in a transcript style so narrators don't know what others are saying about the situation.
A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan
An aging punk rocker, Bernie, and his passionate employee, Sasha, whose stories are not known to the other, but the reader discovers them. 
Beatlebone by Kevin Barry
This is a story of another aging rocker also set in the late 1970s. The rocker is more famous, John Lesson. The book is written in a unique style with surreal elements.
 Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom
Like John Lennon, Frankie Presto is an amazing musician. This book is also unique because the narrator is music itself.
Dancer Colum McCann
What dancer can dance without music? This book is loosely based on the life of a famous ballet dancer, but it is peopled with the likes of Margot Fonteyn and John Lennon. the main character is unhappy and trying to make his own way under difficult circumstances.
 The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood
An aging rocker, tries to untangle the mess he has made of his life by stepping in to replace his son's tasks after his death.
High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
Rob has made a mess of his life. But he is still stuck on Laura and wants to make a mixed tape that will bring her back. But he has to work on himself first. Soon he is asking himself big questions about love and the meaning of life.
That brings us back to where we started
Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Billy is attracted to Daisy but he realizes that his life with his wife and daughters is more important than the music they make together.

All of my selections have something to do with music this month. So maybe my trip from one book to the next isn't as surprising as usual. Also, I usually only make lists of book I've read. This month I have included several books I haven't read yet: Beatlebone, High Fidelity, Dancer, and A Visit From the Goon Squad. Want to play along? Sign up at Books Are My Favourite and Best.



  1. Well done. I saw someone else do this and she went in a totally different direction (names of characters/authors); it's so fun to see it done in different ways.

    1. I usually have a hard time thinking of where to go with this exercise. This time I decided to stick with music and since I am such a huge Beatles fan it didn't surprise me that I found several books with references to them (John Lennon).

  2. A music art chain! Nice one! Dancer sounds intriguing.

    1. I know. Dance does sound good. I''ve added it to my TBR. I love the author.

  3. Every time I see "One in a Million Boy" I want to re-read it. Or at least the ending which was incredible.

    1. I know. In fact I just sent a request to the librarian at PCL. I asked her to buy more titles for their BC kits and included The One-In-A-Million Boy among my requests. We'll see what happens with that request. I made the point that my other club is made up of older, church ladies who don't like Sci-Fi or LONG books. Since we've been using their kits for twentish years I'm hoping our requests holds some sway.

  4. Nicely done, it’s a simply theme but allows for great variety. Thanks for sharing your chain

  5. High Fidelity made my list too. :-) Great list!

  6. I recently picked up A Visit from the Goon Squad from a free public bookcase because I had seen a positive review of it. I had no idea it featured an ageing rock star so I wouldn't have thought to link it with Daisy Jones & the Six!


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