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Friday, May 23, 2014

Is no one trying to become a better person?

What a day. It was a long, hard day at work. On the way home I felt cranky and tired. I had just sat through ten student conferences where, it seemed to me, almost all the students were unexceptional and just trying to get by with the minimum of effort. It was discouraging and disheartening. Is no one trying to become a better person?

In the parking lot of the grocery store, where I stopped to pick up a few things for dinner, I noticed a young mother pushing  her children in a cart made to look like a car. She looked hassled and grumpy. After she dropped off her groceries and children in the car she pushed the cart near the cart return but left it sticking out in the road and stalked back to her car without a backwards glance. Isn't anyone trying to be a role model to their children these days?

After I properly stowed the cart I looked up and noticed three young men under a nearby tree who are clearly exchanging drugs. I've never witnessed anything like this in my community before. It makes me feel sick and sad. Do these young men not care at all about how the drugs they sell impact others' lives? I think I was hyperalert to it since I noticed a boy smoking an e-cigarette while waiting at the bus-stop that morning.

Two overweight boys on skateboards cross in front of my car as I pass the park. Both are drinking from huge plastic containers of Mountain Dew. It seems to me that few teens are worried about their health and weight these days. I think it is a big problem.

My progress is halted as I am forced to stop for a school bus. A young girl hops off the bus, skips across the road and is greeted by an older couple waiting for her. She hands her artwork to the woman and then skips over to the man, opens her mouth to show him that she lost a tooth at school that day. The interaction makes me smile. The couple clearly love the little girl and she loves them.  I'm reminded that there are some wonderful people out there, and not just people who have problems. I just have to open my eyes to see them.

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