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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TTT: Bookish Items I'd like to Own

Yesterday's TOP TEN TUESDAY topic: Bookish items I'd like to Own
Thought I'd make a list even though I am a day late.

The only problem with this wish is what seven books would I pick?

 Just about anything Jane Austen.
Here are a few bookish JA items that I think are especially cute:

2. Bennet Sisters Clothes Pin Dolls
To add to my doll collection

3. Captain Wentworth and Anne Clothes Pin Dolls
Since my first name is Anne, I have always been partial to Anne Elliot things.
4. Jane Austen Playing Cards
I bought these to use as a prize for the winner of Jane Austen week.
Now I want my own set. They contain quotes from four of her books.
5. Pemberley Collection Tea Cup and Saucer
I am very partial to blue and white china.
If it says it came from Pemberley (home of Mr. Darcy), I'm sure it did! Ha!
6. Pride and Prejudice Purse
All of the sudden I've decided that I MUST have this super impractical purse.

7. Bookish T-Shirts
This sentiment seemed to match my mood today since it is raining.
I'm from the Seattle-area. You know what that means about me and coffee.
Coffee, Book, and Rain. "Oh What a Perfect Day."
8. Bookish Charms and Necklaces
This is my favorite quote from The Fault in Our Stars
"We fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once."

9. Book Earrings
I actually have two pairs already but, hey, I'm a librarian, so it is not weird. Right?
These are The Hobbit book earrings.

10. Book Art
OK. I admit. This particular piece of art is pretty weird.
But you get the idea of where I am going with this.
I really do like things printed on dictionary pages, especially if they relate.

11. Clear page holder
OK. I confess that I have seen this on just about every other list and I stole your idea.
But honestly.
I need this.
When I eat my lunch and read it is hard to keep the page open.
Pop this puppy over an open book and, voila, I can read and munch at the same time.



  1. *wipes drool of chin* great list! What's the last one, though?
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

  2. Love everything on your list!! Never too many bookish earrings! Even totally would have the weird cat/book art piece :)

  3. Everything on here is super beautiful, especially the cup and saucers... a teapot to match would be lovely! :-)


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