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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Snapshot Saturday, April 19

Poor Muffy. Our dog has a skin rash that has been difficult to treat. We've tried everything: antibiotics, change in diet, lots of baths. Nothing has worked. Here my daughters decided to lather her in a cream that was supposed to calm down her skin. The directions on the bottle said to put a t-shirt on the pet afterwards to avoid getting it all over the carpet. What you see is a not-very-happy (obviously) Muffy in a camisole. The indignity of it all!

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  1. Poor puppy! My neighbor's dog has skin allergies and they've been a challenge to treat. (One thing she's allergic to is wool.) Keep trying and you'll eventually figure out what's bothering your pup. She's a cutie.
    My Saturday Snapshot is HERE.

    1. Even though I made it look like she was terribly irritated by the cami, I think she was more irritate by us laughing at her.

  2. Poor dearie dog! I find it so pathetic when an animal doesn't feel well. I'm glad you're taking such good care ... sometimes folks don't and that's even more pathetic!

  3. Poor Muffy! Hopefully, this will work and the camisole can be dumped soon.

    I've been away from Saturday Snapshot for a while. I'd love for you to stop by my post.

  4. Oh poor Muffy, she looks so miserable! Such an indignity.

  5. I bet your dog was very indignant. Good problem solving though. Here's Mine

  6. Our dog would have figured out a way to wiggle out of the T-Shirt as it hates being clothed. Is it possible that its allergies? Our dog gets bumps and loses hair during the spring and fall and we give him Benadryl which seems to help.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  7. I'm wondering - have you tried yogurt? My husband recently changed dog food on our dogs and they both reactued with violent.... gas passing, which isn't the same as itching, I know. We found out yogurt helps with this, and started putting plain yogurt in their food once a day and within two days - no more odorous company. And it occurs to me, that yogurt helps with yeast imbalances and yeast sometimes causes skin itching.... might be worth a try. A few tablespoons of yogurt with their dog food at least once a day. If the dog is big, than I would try a it more yogurt. Dogs seem to be able to handle the yogurt without bloating. Hope your dog is better soon.

    We had a dog long ago with a severe itching problem and we never could figure out what it was. I wish we known about yogurt back then, I would have tried it. :) Good luck


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