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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What makes you smile?

Today, while I waited for my chiropractic appointment, I read this little gift book found in the lobby, What Makes You Smile? It is the sweetest little book. It took me a few minutes to read but it got me thinking. What makes me smile? Here are just a few things.  After you read my list, please add a few things that make you smile in the comment section.

These things make me smile...

...warm, gooey cinnamon rolls 

...dog kisses on the nose

....snow days from school

....children's sermons at church

... hummingbirds sipping on our feeder

...hugs and kisses at the end of a long work day

....the first sip of coffee (with cream) each morning

....wildflowers on mountain hillsides

....cuddling with a purring cat

...inner-tubing down a lazy river on a sunny day

....listening to loud classic rock as my husband and I drive around in his convertible 

....clean sheets

....family jokes

....a compliment for a job well-done

....photos of my girls when they were little

....warm sticky toffee pudding

....an unexpected phone call or card from an old friend

....a student telling me they liked a book I recommended

....strawberries eaten straight off the plant, warmed by the sun and a little dusty

....crisp autumn afternoons when the drum-line is practicing

....answering the doorbell to find a package on the porch

....a thunder storm on a summer day

....college football games on bright Fall afternoons

....climbing around tide pools at the beach

....black licorice

....daffodils, daphne, and daisies (and a lot of other flowers)

....family hugs interrupted by a jealous dog

....the sound of aspen leaves quaking on a breezy day

....baby ducks (ducklings)

....the smell of fresh baked cookies

....listening to "Jupiter" by Gustav Holst


....tea parties with my mom, sisters, daughters, and nieces

....kisses after lights out!


  1. Toddlers in a store! they love everything they see - either that or they're throwing absolutely amazing tantrums - which makes me smile because I no longer have toddlers. (evil grin)

  2. Many of those things would be on my list too. I like tea parties with the same people.

    1. Sisters being together makes me smile. Can't wait for next week-end.

  3. Pink, polka dots, little girls in pigtails, smiling dogs, cupcakes, holding hands, grandma saying she made pie, the cats brrr?! As she jumps on the bed, a good song, blossoming trees, tea parties

  4. Great list! It's funny that you posted it because a few weeks ago my daughter and I began an affirmation journal each. Every night before going to bed we list ten good things about our day. I am also doing the 100 days of happiness (100happydays.org) project

    1. Wow. Are you doing the happiness photo every day? Sounds like a great project.


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