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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mansfield Park read-a-long, the second

Mansfield Park read-a-long is a chance to read a classic book by a favorite author in bite-sized pieces making it doable for the average reader like me.  It is not too late to join in. Grab a book or download it for free on your Kindle and let's go.  Here is the intro to the read-a-long.

1. My goal is to read 52 pages each week (your page count will be different according to the edition of the book you are using.) Was the goal met? Yes, up to the beginning of chapter XII.

2. What has happened so far? Mary Crawford is worming her way into Edmund's heart. Austen goes so far as to say that he is falling in love. Fanny feels slighted and ignored. She seems to like Mary but also appears to be jealous. Mary's harp has finally been delivered and everyone enjoys hearing her play. Maria Bertrand is engaged to Mr. Rushmore but she actually has her eye on Henry Crawford, as does her sister, Julia. There appears to be a competition between the two sisters for his attentions. They made a day trip to visit Mr. Rushton's estate which seemed to delight Mrs. Norris more than anyone else.

3. Surprises? Fanny does not whine or complain but she seems to be a bit of a wimp. She tires out during a walk and has to sit while others walk on. She gets faint after four days of not being able to ride her horse. The movie pays just as much attention to Henry as to his sister, Mary. This section of the book is mainly about Mary and how she is ingratiating herself to Edmond.

4.A question- Does anyone else have trouble with Austen's writing style here? I found several occasions where I couldn't figure out who was speaking.


  1. Yay for making your goal! I haven't read a Jane Austen yet (I know, I know! *cringe*) but I plan to soon! Any suggestions on what I should start with? I'm not the most patient of readers...
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

    1. If you are familiar with the movies I think the best Austen books to break your teeth on are either Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion. I actually think it is beneficial to watch the movies before reading the books.


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