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Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by author David Levithan explores identity. What makes us what we are? It also addresses the old adage that love conquers all. Really?

The protagonist, "A", is a 16-year-old with no body. Every day he/she wakes up in a different body, lives within that body for a day, and wakes up the next day in another. As disconcerting as this in, it becomes ever more so when A falls in love with Rhiannon, the girlfriend of a boy, Justin, in which A lives for a day. Because A only wakes in teens living in Maryland, he finds it possible to continue a relationship with Rhiannon. This is obviously not a relationship that is familiar to us because A is a different person every day, or is he?

In addition to this budding relationship, A has to live within the body-of-the-day no matter what that body is dealing with: depression, addiction, abuse. Each day he/she approaches these hosts with compassion and empathy. These moments are interesting and add depth to the story.

Every Day is another book on our Mock Printz list. We selected it because it had received excellent reviews from several quarters including a Facebook review from an old high school friend who doesn't typically read YA Lit. He said it was one of the best books he has every read. I wouldn't go that far but I do agree that the story-line is very compelling, especially if the reader keeps these two questions in their mind: What makes us who we are? And can love conquer all?

Thanks David Levithan for asking these questions.  You've got me thinking.

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