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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Salon...September 30

Don and I at Century Link Field with the Seattle skyline in the background.
Weather:  Sunny and warm.  Simply beautiful day. Yesterday it rained in the morning, the first rain we've had in two months, but the afternoon and evening were dry.

This past week: Was absolutely crazy busy at work. I have been doing book talks and library introduction lessons to so many classes that I am completely running out of my favorite books.  Such a terrible problem to have. :)

Yesterday. My family came up to our house and we all drove up to Seattle's Century Link Field for the University of Oregon vs. Washington State Football game. There were thirteen of us. My oldest daughter and her husband are WSU Cougars, the rest of us are Ducks. It was a good, competitive game but it didn't start until 7:30 PM so we didn't get back home after it until after midnight.

Today: I will drive my daughter back up to Seattle.  She joined us for the game and for the family gathering at our house, now she needs to get back to her apartment with plenty of time to study her Organic Chemistry. This evening we have a dessert social at our church.

Book(s) I've finished this week:
  • Sarah's Key by T. de Rosnay...a young Jewish girl's family is rounded up during the Vel d'Viv roundup in France. 60 years later a journalist uncovers her disturbing story. 
Currently reading/listening to:  
  • Second Chance Summer by Matson...a quick read by a favorite author.  A teen returns to a cabin for a summer with her father who is dying from cancer. She also has to confront an event that occurred during a past summer which altered her relationships with friends in the area.
  • Abhorsen by Garth Nix...the third book in the Old Kingdom trilogy is very tense and exciting. I hope to generate some interest in this marvelous series with my readers.
Scripture Lesson today: true confessions: I didn't go to church today.  With a house full of company it just wasn't happenin'.

I'm praying for: My daughter who is struggling to incorporate good class management techniques with a difficult bunch of students.

From the kitchen: Two big pots of soup for the pre-game gathering (not exactly tailgating food): Split pea and Ham/Bean soup. Both were delicious.


  1. I totally sympathize with your daughter, discipline was not my strong suit when I was a classroom teacher. I just expected everyone to behave... but they didn't :-)

  2. I bet you were proud of your Ducks! :) Beautiful photo of Don and you. I'm so glad that you're passing on your passion of reading and books to your students. GK is very fortunate to have you!

  3. I dig the way you break up the posts for Sunday Salon. Sounds like a busy week for you.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend filled with family and fun!

    And those are two of our favorite soups - yum! It is almost cool enough to start making soup here.

    Enjoy your books this week!



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