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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My "staycation" is nearly over

Sadly, my Spring Break "Staycation" is nearly over. It will officially end at 5:30 AM PDT tomorrow when I rise to start another work week. So how was my stay-at-home (Staycation) this year? How did I do on all my bookish goals for the week? Here is an update:
  • Read at least the first 50 pages of the four Junior Lit Circle books that I haven't read yet. I have to present these books to classes on the Monday that I get back to school.  The four books are: The Bell Jar (Plath); Beloved (Morrison); Ragtime (Doctorow); and Travels with Charley (Steinbeck). Done.  I actually read all of Beloved, half of The Bell Jar, and at least fifty pages of the others.  This is a great weight off my mind.
  • Update my reading log journal. Since I have switched to blogging about books I have neglected my reading log journal that I have kept for over ten years. Done. I wrote short entries for all books read in 2011 so far...now to keep it up-to-date!
  • Read/complete these books: 1) Lottery by Patricia Wood, No. 2) Dewey, the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron, Yes. 3) Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher, No. I'm pretty bummed about not finishing all three of these books but found myself reading other books and not wanting to start these before I finished those.
  • Attend the book discussion at the public library over the 2011 Pierce County Reads book Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America by Timothy Egan. I got the dates goofed up.  The discussion is 4/11/11, this coming Monday.  Woops.
  • Blog Goals-a) to visit all of the blogs that I follow at least once this week for a check-in and b) and to write at least five posts this week. I didn't visit all the blogs I follow, but I visited a lot and tried to leave comments if I did.  I also completed over 5 posts this week. Woot-woot!
  • Visit the Tacoma Borders store which is closing. I didn't find too many "deals" though I did purchase a few graphic novels.  I also looked around the only used book store in town which has moved from an old, falling-down house to a new store-front shop.
  •  In addition, I finished reading the book Mr. Knightley's Diary (retelling of Austen's Emma) by Amanda Grange; my daughters and I went to see the new Jane Eyre movie that just came out this week.  Loved it.  Watch the promo, it is very good.
The weather was ghastly for most of the week so it is lucky for me that I had set my goals on books and blogging, not outdoor pursuits, though I did run out between rain storms and plant some new azaleas and a new daphne to replace plants that died over the winter.  I also had an adventure day in Seattle which included perusing two used books store very briefly. All in all it was a low-key but delightful week.

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  1. Wow, a week-long staycation focused on books - that sounds wonderful!! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished, too. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately - I never seem able to catch up - so a whole week to catch up sounds great.

    I read Beloved last fall for the first time - very intense book.

    I have been having the same problem as you - since I started book blogging, I neglect my old-school reading journal! Thanks for reminding me.

    Hope you had a good back to work day today and are feeling rejuvenated by your week off!



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