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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Bookish and Other Thoughts

Just a few musings for this Tuesday...

1. We leave for a sixteen-day international trip this coming week. And I'm not ready! I keep thinking of things I might need and have spent $$$ on items I might need/want. The last batch of ordered items are set to arrive tomorrow, then I think there is no more time to order anything else. Still expecting: two microfiber travel towels, a portable neck fan (tee-hee), an ultra-thin portable phone charger, new Keen sandals, and a lightweight top. Egads, I'll have so much stuff there will be no room for clothes.

2. I've been on a bit of reading slump lately, or at least it feels that way. I blame it all on Middlemarch! What with the packing and travel scheming, reading is taking a back-burner. Since I have to read a chapter a day of Middlemarch it often the only thing I read. I'm over page 500, so it's not like I'm not reading, just making awfully slow progress. BTW-- I will not be able to keep up on the read-along project since I am NOT taking this tome of a book with me on the trip. 

3. Let's see, what have I read/listened to so far in September, not counting Middlemarch?
  • They Called Us Enemy by George Takei. About his experiences as a Japanese-American during WWII, being interned with his family by the government. A graphic novel. Complete.
  • Shrines of Gaiety by Kate Atkinson. Set in London in the Roaring Twenties about a crime family and other oddities of the time. I love this author and enjoyed the book. Audiobook. Complete.
  • The Carrying: Poems by Ada Limon. I found this small and thoughtful book of poems at the library. Complete.
  • Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano. Sort of based on the Little Women story, four sisters and their relationships over the decades. I ended up liking it but wasn't sure mid-book. Audiobook. Book Club Choice. Complete.
  • Life, the Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams. The 3rd book in the Hitchhiker's series. Need I say more? Very silly. Audiobook. Complete.
  • Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope by Nicholas Kristof. Nonfiction about the state of people's lives in America today. Depressing and hopeful at the same time. Audiobook. Book Club Choice. 50% complete.
  • Maame by Jessica George. Another book set in London. This one in modern times a Nigerian-Brit woman navigates life and career. Print. 33% complete.
  • Tom Lake by Ann Patchett. Another book club selection by a favorite author. I just started this one on my Audible account. Audiobook. 16% complete.
4. Speaking of travel, I keep juggling books trying for the best selections(s) to take with me. I own a copy of  The Aleph and Other Stories by Jorge Luis Borges and have planned to carry it in my purse. I like reading short stories when I'm on the road but I wonder if these stories will seem like too much work? I have another short story collection by Alice Munro, so I may throw that in my bag, too. I found a copy of My Brilliant Friend at the library sale shelf and bought it for $.50, but have decided it weighs too much to lug around with me. It is a very heavy paperback. Just today, I borrowed two additional audiobooks from my library, using the Libby app. We will be in the air for over six hours, so I might enjoy listening to books for a while. I borrowed Maame (so I can finish it) and Mister Impossible. I know I won't read/listen to all four books while we are gone, but I want to have options! When we traveled in Europe several years ago we would utilize the free loan libraries in many hotels. I'm not sure if we can plan on this on our trip to South America. We'll see.

5. Book club sad thought. I have been in the same book club for over 28 years. It won't be many more years until we age ourselves out of a club. Many of the members are in their 80s. I guess we can't keep going forever. It is a sad thought but I know we still have several years a head of us before any decision to disband  is imminent. 


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