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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Six Degrees of Separation: All the Light We Cannot See

Hosted at AnnabelleSmith

I'm very late to the party but since I enjoyed the book so much I decided I would jump in and play.

We start here
All the Light We Cannot See is a WWII story set in France in a small village on the coast. It won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2015. It was my favorite book of the year.
Another great favorite, The Goldfinch also won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The story revolves around a boy, Theo, who experiences a tragedy and his life spins off in a new direction. He often feels unloved and unwanted.
Great Expectations is also a book about a boy, Pip, who often feels unloved and unwanted. When a chance encounter changes the direction of his life, he doesn't even know to whom he should be grateful.
In Cider House Rules our main character, Homer, is an orphan and he finds a lot of support from the doctor and director. But, as is often the case, everything is not what it seems.
The Language of Flowers is about an abandoned girl, Victoria, who only seems to be able to communicate to others through flowers and the meanings that were assigned to flowers by the Victorians (get it?) Even when people express love to her she can't accept it because she feels so unlovable and different.
Oscar is a big misfit in The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. As a Dominican Republic-American he often feels like he doesn't belong in any world. he desperately wants love but just doesn't know how to show it or accept it.  He eventually finds his place in D.R. and finally feels like he belongs. Unfortunately, things end badly for Oscar. This book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2007.
That brings us back to All the Light We Cannot See which is not only a Pulitzer Prize winner, too, but about two misfit teens, Marie-Laure and Werner, who eventually meet each other near the end of the war. All endings are not necessarily happy but often are quite satisfying.

Every time I do this activity I am amazed where the six degrees take me. I had no idea when I started out where I would end up.


  1. Clever! I loved The Language of Flowers.

  2. Where do you find the prompts for these? It's such a fun idea.

    1. It is hosted at AnnabelleSmith.com. I should have shown the link on my page before I posted and have corrected that since your comment. This particular prompt was from November. She hosts a new one about every few months.


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