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Monday, August 27, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish confessions

Broke and Bookish
I don't think I can come up with ten but here are a few of my bookish confessions.

1. I sometimes buy books for my library because I want to read them and hope that students will want to read them, too.

2. I currently have ten books on my nightstand. They have been there all summer and little by little I keep taking them back to the library, unread.  By the time school starts the pile will probably be down to two books.

3. When I count how many books I've read in a month/year, I count graphic novels and picture books.  Sneaky, huh?

4. I still haven't read any of Charles Dicken's novels except A Christmas Carol and David Copperfield.  I always put this on my list because I want to take care of this problem, but never seem to get to it.

5. I read Anne of Green Gables this year, finally.

6. I still get kinda weepy when someone mentions Borders Books going out-of-business.  It was the only bookstore in my town other than small, funky used book stores and I miss wandering around in it perusing books and getting my bookish fix on a regular basis.

7. I've only read the first book in many popular series.  For example--Twilight; City of Bones (Mortal Instruments); Monstrumologist.

8. I actually have a weird fantasy where I am forced to live in my library so I have nothing to do but read all the books in it.

9. I get kinda sad and/or a bit angry when students tell me that they never read anything, even required books.

10.  I afraid for the publishing industry with all the e-readers it seems like the printed book is going the way of the dinosaurs.  Sad....

I did it.  What are your bookish confessions?


  1. Oh Borders, I really miss that store.

    1. Our Borders Books building is being made into a TJ Max store. Ugh.

  2. Did you just LOVE Anne of Green Gables?!

    1. Yes, I hope to read Anne of Avonlea soon, though I probably won't get to it until this winter sometime.

  3. Forced to live in a library :D Nobody has to force me, haha. I feel sad when some of my friends say they hate reading :( How can you hate reading? :o And I'm also very scared that some day, printed books will go away. I don't like e-books that much.

    My top 10 Tuesday.

  4. Oh Anne! Regarding #3, those books totally count! Well, I always count them. They take the authors just as long to write and work on, and they're still stories! Don't think of it as padding your reading count, please! That breaks my heart a little! (over-dramatic much? This is book confession time!!)

    It hurts doesn't it, to meet people who don't read at all because they don't like to. I think they're small in number though. All it takes is finding that one book that connects so deeply that you suddenly become hungry and thirsty for more reading, more books! With the exception of my husband, he can't read fiction and has stopped trying. But he'll read economics textbooks and articles and things, so that's not too bad.

    1. Years ago I read FEED by MT Anderson in which the students went to school to learn how to shop better and few of them could read. I always think of that when kids tell me that don't read. I fear that someday they won't be able to read.

  5. I completely agree with you about Borders. The building in my town is still empty and every time I drive by, I get sad.

  6. I'd love to be locked up in a library, it would be heaven! I haven't read anything by Dickens because I simply can't get into it and I feel really bad for it! Thanks for sharing :)
    My Confessions
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  7. oooh...juicy confessions, Anne! lol

    I'm with you on Borders - I am still sad, too. I much preferred it over Barnes & Noble.

    Dickens, huh? It seems like that's all we read in high school! My English teachers were big on Dickens - we read A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and probably another - I never read David Copperfield though. For people who say they can't get into Dickens, I remember in high school that the first 3rd of any Dickens book was always slow - lots of description and detail - but then they always pick up and grab you in the second half.

    I would love to live in a library and do nothing but read!


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  8. lol that is sneaky of you re: #3, I never thought of that ;)

    I've never read Dickens' David Copperfield either. To date I've only read about 6 of Dickens' works but I understand that David Copperfield is one of those really famous books of his.

    I don't think I've read Anne of Green Gables yet--and I'm Canadian xP I have one of her Christmas tales books that was given to me back in elementary but I have no recollection of reading any of the other books...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday! =)


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