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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Friday Blog Hop...Share the Blog Love

The Friday Blog Hop this week asks us to highlight blogs that we enjoy and why..in other words..share the love.
Book Blogger Hop
So here are a few blogs that I enjoy:

1.  A Book a Week...Becky over at A Book A Week writes crisp, concise book reviews without a bunch of fluff and distracting other tags.  I can read her reviews without having to scroll past long sections of text that don't help me decide to/not to read the book.  Simplicity reigns and I love it.

2.The Elliott Review... Jessi over at Elliott Review is always so kind and helpful, always answering questions I pose and encouraging me as a blogger and as a teacher-librarian (kindred spirits)

3. Roof Beam Reader...Adam over at Roof Beam Reader is a blog I enjoy because Adam brings the male voice to books and book reviews...he says he is in the 5% minority.  He always give thoughtful comments.  I appreciate that.  Plus Adam is a fellow teacher.  Yeah!


  1. Hopping on by! You have a very cute blog!
    Happy Reading

  2. Happy HOP!! Hope you have a fun weekend filled with reading :)

    Come by my HOP for this week

  3. hey Anne! Hope you have a fabulous Friday!
    I liked looking at your Top YA books post, and now I'm off to check out some of your reviews!

  4. I love that you recommended other teachers/librarians (and led me to your own teacher/librarian blog!). I always think there should be more of us blogging :) I just became your newest follower!

  5. Hi! I'm Izzy, and I'm hopping on by. You have a lovely blog, and I adore the quote you have floating at the top of the page. Here's my blog if you'd like to hop back and take a look around: mywordsateme.blogspot.com

  6. Yay, another Peeta fan! I heart Peeta! I'm sad that the series has come to an end. I'm hopping over from The Book Scoop and I found another great blog to follow thanks to the hop so woo hoo!

    You've got a great set up over here and I'll definitely be following along with your posts! Happy reading!

  7. Stopping by from the Hop!

  8. My teacher has been leading really great discussions for the book. I've been reading ahead every night. It's a great book.

  9. New follower from the hop. Hope you'll stop by a visit me.


  10. Just hopping by to say hello! I am your newest follower because we school librarians need to stick together. Happy reading!

  11. Just hopping by to say Hi. Please check out my website. and check out my polland my Water for Elephants book giveaaway.

  12. Hey! I'm a bit behind on the Hop, but I really wanted to make the rounds and check out everyone suggestions!

    Check mine out here:

  13. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm a new follower. I'd appreciate if you can follow me back!
    Hafsah IceyBooks

  14. Just hopping by... have a good weekend!

  15. Thanks for stopping over at my blog!

    To answer your question. I read a lot while he is taking his nap. And a little after he goes to bed. He is 13 months now, so I guess he isn't an infant any more and he lets me get stuff accomplished through out the day while he plays.

  16. Hopping by to say hello. I'll be following - I like what I've seen here so far :)

  17. So, I'm way behind lately but I did want to stop in and say THANKS for mentioning my blog. That was awesome. :)

    I see you've got some banned books/censorship postings happening for the ALA's BBW, which is great. It's a huge issue with me, so I'm always stoked. I'm doing two giveaways this week in "celebration." haha

    Thanks again!


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