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Monday, June 24, 2024

TTT: Books Published in 2024 on My TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Published in 2024 on My TBR List

I have a lot of trouble thinking about anticipated book releases when I haven't even gotten to all the books on my TBR (To-Be-Read) List. That got me thinking. How many books have I placed on my list this year which were published/will be published in 2024? A lot more than I thought. My guess -- I will read about 25% of these books. The rest will someday be unceremoniously removed without a backward glance.

What you are seeing are screenshots from my Goodread pages. The date you see isn't the publication date, it is the date I placed the titles onto my TBR.  (Not very helpful information but sort of interesting so you can see how streaky I am about adding titles.)

Wow. That is a lot of books. 31. If my estimation is correct, I will will only read 7-8 of these books. And right now I want to read them all!

Most likely to be read: All three poetry books (A Year of Last Things; The Moon That Turns You Back; You Are Here);  and books by favorite authors (K Hannah; T Orange; M Robinson; A Towles; G L Yuen; R Ogle.)

Least likely to read: Nightwatching (horror); The History of the World in Twelve Shipwrecks (Bad ratings.) And the ten or so I can't even remember why I added to the list.😂

Of the 32 books only three haven't been published yet, but there is still a half a year left to add many more 2024 books to the list. Oh dear! I'll never catch up.


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