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Monday, November 20, 2023

TTT: Thankful for books

Top Ten Tuesday: I'm thankful for books because---

1. Entertainment. I don't get bored because I always have a book or two or three to read. Others may cast about looking for fun. Not me. I just jump into a book.

2. Conversation starters. I am pretty shy so small talk is hard for me. But I have found that books are great conversation starters. "Have you read any good books lately?" almost always works to break the ice.

3. Travel. I get to travel to new lands or worlds without leaving my chair and/or travel guides are very helpful when visiting new places.

4. Connection with my husband and daughters. My husband and I listen to audiobook when we take car trips. We often stop the book and discuss the plot or topic. Both of my daughters are readers. After years of reading to them, they are now making book recommendations for me. Family bonding over books/audiobooks.

5. Comfort and inspiration. I read poetry and devotional books. I often find comfort in the words of these books when I am low or hurting.

6. Help me relate to others. Through books I learn about people who are different than me and I learn tolerance and empathy by reading about their lives.

7. Knowledge. I read quite a lot of nonfiction. I crave learning new information and growing as an individual. Books help me do that.

8. Book clubs. Book clubs are fun and a wonderful way to meet to keep friends.

9. Time with grandsons. I LOVE reading books with my grandsons. Having them sitting next to me and us focusing on a story together is priceless.

10. Gifts. Books make great gifts. My mother especially likes to receive books.

And I am very thankful for you, my bookish friends. Book bloggers are the best! 


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