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Saturday, November 11, 2023

New Nonfiction Children's Books -- 3rd batch

I am feeling too overwhelmed to review this teetering pile of new nonfiction children's books I've recently read, all published within this last year (Oct. 15, 2022-Oct. 14, 2023). In light of my overwhelmedness I have provided links for each of the books to my Goodreads account where I wrote very short, usually one or two sentences, reviews. I hope some of these titles find their way into your homes or libraries. I found something that thought was delightful in all of these books.

A Vaccine is Like a Memory by Rajani LaRocca

The Witness Trees: Historical Moments and the Trees Who Watched Them Happen by Ryan G. Van Cleave

A River of Dust: The Life-Giving Link Between North Africa and the Amazon by Jilanne Hoffman

A Tulip in Winter: A Story About Folk Artist Maud Lewis by Kathy Stinson

Deep, Deep Down: The Secret Underwater Poetry of the Mariana Trench by Lydia Lukidis

The Walking School Bus by Aaron Friedland

A Few Beautiful Minutes: Experiencing a Solar Eclipse by Kate Allen Fox

The Night Before Freedom: A Juneteenth Story by Glenda Armand

Jumper: A Day in the Life of a Backyard Jumping Spider by Jessica Lanan

The Secret Life of Bugs and Other Little Critters by Emmanuelle Figueras

Words of Wonder Z-A by Keisha Morris


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