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Friday, January 14, 2011

Am I really signing up for another challenge? Talk me down!

Reading from My Shelves Project
Here are the details if you are interested (or so you'll know what I am going to attempt to do):

* Challenge runs from January 1 - December 31, 2011.
* Read books from your own shelves, and then pass the books on to someone else: a friend, relative, the library, used book store, swap them, just as long as the book leaves your house once it has been read.
* Decide on your goal (12 is the minimum - no maximum). Cross over books are allowed.  My goal is 12 and I will for sure cross over with other challenges.

Here is a picture of several of the books I rounded up without looking very hard. All shall be in contention to help me meet this challenge---

Notice the Raggedy Ann and Andy book in there?  I actually had to have one that I know I am going to read. Notice also that several books still have their price receipts still hanging out of the book?  Why did I buy if I wasn't planning on reading immediately?  Am I crazy for signing up for another challenge? Talk me down!  Please!


  1. Anne, thanks so much for joining this challenge. I hope it helps you in clearing off the shelves to make room for new books :)

  2. I joined this challenge as well and am going to use it to urge myself to have books on my shelf count for other challenges, that way I am accomplishing at least 2 things at once! Good luck

  3. LOL, I am addicted to challenges myself. You have an award on my blog :)

  4. I would if I hadn't done the same thing myself. My goal was to participate in only four challenges this year and I think I signed up for something like eleven of them. Definitely an addiction!!

  5. I joined this one too...for the sole purpose of getting some stuff off my shelves (of course, I'm sure I'll just fill them up with more...but that's a problem for next year's challenge :)

  6. Finally! A challenge that I'm safe from! It's rare that I can part with the books I read so there is no temptation here (not that there hasn't been plenty--I've got 17 challenges lined up for 2011).

  7. Good luck on the challenge, Anne!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. New follower. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend, and happy reading!!

    ~Zakiya :)


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