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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Salon, June 23rd

Ian (aka fire-fighter) and Grand-aunt Kathy playing giant lite-bright
Weather: Overcast and cool...not very summerish.

Today: Don preached in church since our pastor is on vacation. As an Elder he was asked to fill in and he did a great job. The theme came from the miracle of the swine. A man filled with many demons was restored by Jesus but the demons inhabited the swines, who ran down the hill, humped in the lake and were drowned. The man asked if he could go with Jesus but Jesus said no, go home and tell everyone what God has done. (Luke 8:26-37). Don's message revolved around that. Not the swine or the demons, but around the going out and telling others what God is doing in our lives.

Coming to stay (sort of): Our daughter and her family sold their house and hope to build a new one, but the process is slow. They have to be out of their house by this coming Friday then they will be homeless for the foreseeable future. They will stay at her in-laws for half the week and at our house for the other half until a rental property is ready to move into.That could be months away. In preparation, Don and I have cleaned out the old dresser that used to belong to Don's mom, then Don, then our girls, and was living in the garage full of art supplies, and flags. Now it is up in Ian's room ready for his clothes. I also transferred all the stuff out of the guest room dresser, so our daughter would have someplace to put her clothes. I'm pretty sure I have enough tissue paper saved to last for all gift giving until I am 100 years old.

Treasures: While I was moving all the gift wrap, tissue paper, and assorted items from one dresser to another in a different room, I found a few treasures. First I found a mood ring. I'm pretty sure that it belonged to the girls because it only fits on my pinkie finger. Also, I am not a good candidate to wear mood rings since the color stays a horrible brownish-yellow color...kind of a yellowish puce color. The name alone should tell you how awful it is. The second treasure I found, which I never remember seeing before, was an envelope full of handkerchiefs and other other items from Queen Elizabeth's coronation. I bet that came from Don's great-grandmother, who he described as a subject of the queen her whole life, even though she was an American. This one treasure I may explore to see if there is any value to it.

Visiting Grand Aunt: My sister came up for a short visit early this week so she could spend a few hours with my grandson. We took him to the Hands On Children's museum where he ran with delight from one area to the next as if he wanted to show off all the fun things to do. At one point he took off running to his favorite are of first-responder vehicles. We both laughed out loud just to witness his joy!

The wisdom of Ian: Wear costumes as often and as proudly as you can. You see the photo of him wearing the fire fighter helmet even is other areas of the museum.

Books read in June (and May, at least those since my last Sunday Salon post):

  • The Storied Life of AJ Fikey by Gabrielle Zevin---a reread for me and book club selection for this month. Check out my thoughts of getting ready to discuss this book here. Audiobook.
  • Damsel by Alana Arnold---a twist on a fairy tale. A damsel is saved from a dragon by a prince, but she doesn't like her life under his "care". See my review here. Audiobook.
  • The CBS Murders by Richard Hammer---true crime about murders which occurred as part of a cover up of other crimes. E-book. 
  • We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mehja---YA, modern themes but set in a myth-like setting. Review here. Audiobook.
  • Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount---love this illustrated book about books, bookstores, libraries, and famous writers. My review is here. Print.
  • Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue---An immigrant's story. Another book club selection for August. My review is here. Audiobook.
  • America for Beginners by Leah Franqui---A look at America through the eyes of others. Another book club selection. No review yet. Audiobook.
Books currently reading:
  • The Overstory by Richard Powers---I read almost half of this e-book 250 of the 520 pages, checked out from the library before it was due and automatically returned. I got back in line but it may take four months until I get it again. I may have to buy this one to finish up. Sigh. E-book.
  • East of Eden by John Steinbeck---honestly I haven't read a word for a month or so but I hope to get back to it this next week while on vacation. Print.
  • The Submission by Amy Waldman---a fictional account of what could happen if a memorial to victims of terrorism is designed by the winning submission by a Muslim artist. Print.
  • Lovely War by Julie Berry---my Mock Printz reading selection of the month. Audiobook.
 Prayers for:
  • P, who lost his father this past week
  • M. and S, whose brother is dying of cancer
  • A, who is trying to find a graduate program that fits his needs.
Have a lovely week, the first full week of summer (or winter, depending on which half of the globe you live on.)


  1. Sounds like lots of changes! Good for Don for stepping in to help out at church.

  2. It sounds like a lovely week with visitors and Ian-fun. We, too, are having cloudy summer down here in southern California. I do not like it.


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