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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowy Sunday Salon, Feb. 9

Weather: Snowy. It started snowing around 5 PM last evening. We woke this morning to a lovely world. My husband, a dedicated National Guardsman, had to sweep off the car before he could leave for his week-end duty.

Winter Olympics: What was your favorite scene of the Opening Ceremony? Mine was the ballet with the ballerinas covered by cords of lights/string. (See below.)

Poetry Out Loud regional competition: Yesterday was the Puget Sound regional competition for Poetry Out Loud. Jared, from GKHS, did a nice job but didn't win a berth to go on to the state contest.

Poetry Out Loud contestants, Jared W. is far left.
Yesterday: I attended the celebration of the life of a husband of a friend. He was very athletic and had many, many friends. It was a privilege to join in the celebration of John's life. I am praying for his wife that she can find comfort in family, friends, and her memories.

Soups this past week: Barley Beef (favorite); Zuppa Toscana (better than last time); Ravioli and Broth (ravioli and marinara is better); Greek Lamb Meatball and Yogurt Soup (interesting but very tart flavor. A little goes a long way.) The "soup diet" is working. I'm down 12.5 lbs.

Books read this week:
  • Mister Orange by Truus Matti, translated from Dutch by Laura Watkinson. The winner of the Batchelder Award for best book translated into English for children. I read this as part of my reading challenge to read all the YA- ALA Award books of 2014.
  • Allegiant by Veronica Roth. The third book in the Divergent trilogy. Now I know why everyone who has returned it told me that they didn't like the ending.
Currently reading:
  • How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig...I am so bummed that this book wasn't around when my children were young.  If you have young children, get this book. I am not kidding.
  • Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein...this book has been on my bedside table since before Xmas and I am finally getting to it.  It won the Schneider Family Book Award for Teens in 2014. I am reading it for my same reading challenge, to read all the ALA YA Award books of 2014.  Join me!
  • Inside a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz...this is the most boring audiobook I've ever listened to but I am staying tuned-in because it is a current book club selection.

“Become major, Paul. Live like a hero. That's what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for?” ― J.M. Coetzee


  1. The Olympics are good so far! I need to read Divergent soon before the movie comes out in March. Did you like the series?? Cheers. http://www.thecuecard.com/

  2. rats! I wasn't going to finish the Divergent trilogy, but now I want to to see what the wrongness is! :)

  3. Your soups sound so good and perfect for the weather you've been having. You've put me in the mood for soups!

  4. A soup diet? What a good idea! We are currently awash in stringent dietary restrictions, especially for my son and I, so we will probably be eating plenty of soups, too.

    Sounds like you've got plenty of good books going. I just read Code Name Verity at Christmas/New Year's. I liked it though don't feel compelled to read the follow-up.

    Enjoy your books this week!


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  5. It's snowing here again, snow on top of snow. I have gotten used to having lots of the white stuff around but have to push myself to go and do things in spite of it!

    Lots of soup too - spicy and seafood noodle soups hit this spot this past week.

    Enjoy your reading!
    Book Dilettante


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