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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bookish things I am doing, or plan to do this Saturday...

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It is Saturday morning and the day awaits...What bookish things do I have planned for the day?

  • Download the audiobook Dodger by Terry Pratchett from my computer onto my iPod Touch. I am pretty irritated with Apple or Overdrive, I can't decide which. When I get audiobooks from Overdrive I have to convert them to MP3 files in order to listen to them on my iPod. The process is lengthy and tedious. I wish the two companies would fix their incompatibility. Anyway, I am done with the conversion process so now I just need to transfer the book to the iPod.
  • Order the book Tear Soup from Amazon for my friend who just lost her husband to lung cancer. The book explains the grieving process and how it must be done in a personal way. It is a very comforting book. Though it does not bring back the loved one, it is my experience that it does bring a measure of comfort to the grieving.
  • Read at least 100 pages of this month's book club selection: The Faith Club by Idilby, Oliver, and Warner.  No excuses for not completing the book this month as I am the hostess of the club this month and must lead the discussion. No more procrastination allowed!
  • While driving around completing my Saturday chores I'll listen to the audiobook Bog Child Siobhan Dowd. This is last book of this amazing author, published posthumously in 2009. It is historical fiction about the Northern Ireland conflict with Britain.
  • Shop for Christmas books/gifts. I generally give everyone in the family a book for Christmas in addition to other gifts. I've already purchased books for my husband and son-in-law. Now to figure out what my daughters might like. Book buying isn't as easy as it was it was a year ago before Borders closed its doors. Our community no longer has a book store.
  • Attend a Holiday Party hosted by the district director of libraries.

What bookish things will you be doing today?


  1. First off, so sorry your community doesn't have a book store! You certainly are having a book-centered weekend. I need to finish the YA book I am reading and get on to the next one, an autobiography of Walter Dean Myers

  2. An update: I accomplished the whole list except the reading of Faith Club. I am in procrastination mode, for sure.


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