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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thank you, Judy Moomaugh

"We like to think that we plan what happens to us, but it is chance, surely, that lies behind so many of the great events of our lives- the meeting with the person with whom we are destined to spend the rest of our days, the receiving of a piece of advice which influences our choice of career...these may be put down to pure chance, and yet they govern how our lives work out and how happy- or unhappy- we are going to be." Isabel Dalhouse in The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday by Alexander McCall Smith.

Not long ago I was reflecting on the changes in my life since I moved from the classroom to the library. As my husband is fond of saying, the career change to become a librarian saved my life...at least my professional life. These recent musings led me to think about how a comment made by a friend and former colleague, Judy Moomaugh, was the catalyst for changing the course of my life. I resolved to locate Judy as I'd lost touch with her several years ago when she moved to California. About a week later, before I had the chance to act on my resolve, I learned that Judy had died a few months earlier. Of course I was tremendously sad and shocked. And now I will never have the opportunity to thank her for the role she played in changing my life.

I hope this blog post, even to a small degree, serves as that belated thanks. It also serves as a reminder: Don't procrastinate about letting people know when I'm grateful for a contribution they have made in my life.

Thank you, Judy Moomaugh. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for books and libraries with me. Thank you for gently steering me in a new direction merely by saying, "I think you'd make a wonderful librarian, Anne." Thank you also, for taking the time to mentor and guide me towards the steps I needed to take to embark on this new journey.

For Judy
Chance comment by you,
Change of direction for me.
Libraries and books.
Professionally renewed.
Your encouragement changed me.

Thank you, Judy Moomaugh.
Rest in Peace.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." Jorge Luis Borges

P.S. I found the image of Judy on Google Images. I apologize that the only picture I could find of Judy doesn't show her smiling because when I think of Judy I remember her warm, friendly smile.


  1. I remember Judy always smiling and with much longer hair. I agree that we never know how chance comments we make(or others do) can change lives. RIP, Judy. You will be missed!!

  2. She had such a strong personality and shared her strength in so many areas! Thanks, Anne, for sharing!

  3. I just started thinking about Judy again after stumbling on one of her funny emails. I decided to google her and found this lovely post. Judy Moomaugh was the greatest! Always smiling and wanting to put books in kid's hands even if it meant extra time and effort on her part. I loved her and she will be missed. She has touched so many lives and I won't forget her. Judy was a sincere and wonderful human being. I miss you Judy!!!! I learned so much from your positive attitude.

  4. Judy was a playmate of mine as a child on the same street in Tacoma, Washington. Her maiden name was Graham. The last time I saw her was when she was in her 20's in the 70's. I'm sorry I didn't get to know her better as an adult. Thankfully my stepsister Debra was a lifelong friend of hers. She was always a lively, thoughtful person even as a child.

    Her husband Ed was a shop teacher at Stadium High School when Judy and I were in high school. I think I was surprised when I found out they got married (some years after high school), but I think Ed knew he'd found a real gem in her.

    1. Ted, thank you for this note. I was at book club today with gals who worked with Judy back when she was the librarian at the school where we all worked. A chance comment by someone made us all pause and remember Judy and what an asset she was to our staff. Then I get home and find this note from you, comment made on a blog post I wrote over five ears ago. The synchronicity of the two things is not lost on me. Thank you for sharing your memories.


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